Thursday, September 16, 2010


Two nights ago, I decided to make jambalaya. the zattarain's variety. (by the way, that scream you just heard is Kristie all the way in colorado.)

Anyhow, in this jambalaya mix, I decided to use our deer sausage (the link variety) that I got from a coworker.

Opening the vacuum sealed package requires using a knife.

A knife I sliced toward myself.

A knife that slipped and I ended up nicking myself on the hip.

Put a nice little hole in my shirt.

So I sewed that up right after eating dinner.

Yes, I have mad knife skillz.

I'm sorry, did I say 'mad'? I meant 'bad'.


bond said...

Please be careful; We need to keep you in one piece!

Man, that is good meat, though. I still want to see if there is any way we could arrange a split and get someone to kill us an extra deer.

katina said...

I spoke with beachy about it, and he said he'd think about bringing it up to his dad. I told him his dad would just have to kill the deer, we'd pay for processing and what have you. So maybe we need to bring it up again when hunting season is nigh.