Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I gotta start brushing my cat's teeth

Yep, brushing her teeth. That or she's gotta go in next year to have them professionally cleaned. And seeing as how it's the psycho bitch cat, I'm guessing we'll have to take her to the vet for the cleaning. Good news though, she's not a fatty mcfat fat anymore. she's down to 9 pounds (she was at an all time high of 11.5 last time we were in). She's still not anywhere as small as when we first found her though (5.5 pounds), which is only sad because she was 5 weeks pregnant at that time.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Catchphrases of the week

So the other night, Shawn and I couldn't fall asleep (we're still on Vacation time, not Austin time), and so we started talking. Our conversation included how he's the Nathan of our family (see previous entry) and he was the one that made the connection, not me. But I digress. Our conversation also included how Miss Sarah and her lovely hubby requested an "A", a "M" and a "Y" wood letters for their baby room, and thus, obviously the baby's name is Yam...Yam Marcus.

Oops, I digress, again!!!

The catch phrases, right!

Catchphrase one: "Cat-popsickle-stick?" for when someone is asking a question that makes no sense
Catchphrase two: "You're not listening. That's okay." for when someone isn't listening. Duh. But this one at least has a funny story associated with it: back in CO, Shawn and I went to dinner with my family, and dad was telling a story about how he met someone famous when he was in Vegas (some husband and wife who are really good poker players). and then my sister, who hasn't been paying attention, is like "who were the people you met in Vegas?h" and dad turns to her and says "You're not listening, that's okay." The best part: she continues to not listen and does the same thing like 2 minutes later. And then again the next night...another 2 times. Okay, maybe it's not as funny to you as it is to me. psh.

Do you have a Nathan?

So, this last weekend, when we were in colorado for the wedding, we went out to dinner with my inl aws. The whole slew of them (so my Mother and Father in law as well as the sister in law and her husband). Now then, this dinner wasn't awkward, at least I didn't think it as such. However, I got the distinct feeling from the 'rents that the dinner was "strained" or something like that. The reason I didn't think this dinner seemed odd? because this is how dinner always is when Shawn eats with my parents.

Usually the dinner goes something like this:

Mom straining to come up with some question to ask the son in law where he actually carries on some banter as opposed to giving a one syllable answer. Usually, the son in law gets a look on his face where he's not sure if Mom is asking him a question that she wants an answer for, or if it's more of a rhetorical thing. Mom feeling that he's making fun of her, or intentionally not answering because he doesn't like her (this is what the moms perceive--Shawn does like my parents, he thinks they're a little crazy sometimes, but he likes them. I get the feeling that this is probably the case with Nathan as well--you gotta keep in mind that these guys have not lived with their in laws as long as their respective wives have.). Dad doesn't talk much, or ask any questions (actually, my dad will tell stories during dinner if so persuaded, but I don't think I've ever heard more than a "please pass the peas" from Bob). The daughters will talk to the Moms, but that's about it. And occasionally they do the horrible, horrible thing of answering for their husbands (aka son in law) (usually at the point when they think said husbands are going to make asses of themselves). And the sister in law barely says anything. This of course means that most of the dinner conversation ends up coming from the Mothers, and it's usually pretty one-sided. Which they may or may not resent. In anycase, my point is that Shawn is the Nathan in our family.

So, it may be weird, or it may be odd, but at least it's the same between the two families. Which, in and of, itself is odd--that two such different families could be so similar. I almost want to put Nathan and my Mom together and see what happens, maybe it's just that Nathan's more like my family, and she and Nathan would get along swimmingly. I don't know, but it is an interesting thought.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

dun dun dun

So, I came home from work today, and there in the mail box, it was waiting for me. Yes, for me, just for me. That's right, it was Jury Summons! dun dun dun. Stupid jury summons, all being for the same day as the HMS user's conference, those things are FUN to go to, unlike Jury Summons. boourns.

But on a side note, it's technically NOT for me...they have my maiden name instead of my married name. Stupid County people, all going off of voter registration instead of driver's license records.

the past

So, this last weekend we went to Colorado for a wedding. It was a good wedding. And at said wedding, Jon (from Grinder Bikes) pointed out that I never mentioned on this blog that I was going to said wedding and that I probably should have. At the time I thought to myself "yeah, you're right, why DIDN'T I post that we were going to go to this wedding?" Then about 3 days later I remembered why: Because we were going to be away from our house. And because of my mom's neurosis about giving too much information on the internet, I am scared to post anything about when we will be away from our house for extended periods of time.

This of course brings up the memory of when we made our website for OUR wedding...Shawn's mom thought we should have put down our address so people could mail wedding gifts to us. and I do remember saying "yes, that's a brilliant idea: We've already posted when and where the wedding is, now let's post our home address so all the robbers can come to our house while we're away and burgle the house. Brilliant."

But, Jon, you're right, I should have at least posted that Jesse and Kristie were getting married.

By the way HI CAROL!!!! And pictures to be posted shortly on our regular website.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Daniel brought in the stuffed animal I made for his kid. That way, I can share it with the world!

And, if you hold it this way, it sorta looks like an armadillo:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

poor satan saturn

My poor, poor Satan Saturn (aka Katina-mobile Mark 1)'s sick.

The A/C stopped working this last weekend and I can't figure out if it's because the system has no freon or if there's something more serious wrong. Mostly because I can't find the damn sight glass. But at least I figured out where the air compressor is. And all this time I thought that it was the alternator. I should have guessed that the tubes leading into/out of it marked R134A would have indicated that the thing was the air conditioner, not the alternator. But what can I say, I'm a girl... Never mind the fact that I used to do calculations utilizing R134A on a daily basis back in college.

Also, I need to have Transmission work done. From what I remember from the conversation with the mechanic last September: "Blah, blah, blah...transmission....blah, blah, blah... bare wires in fluid...blah blah blah...take your car to a transmission shop."


The passenger side speaker is blown out. The dome light isn't really attached to the ceiling anymore, it more or less just hangs there. The fuse panel door doesn't fit over the panel any more. And the clock (part of the radio) doesn't light up when I turn on the lights because the little light is busted.

Oh yeah, and the car has started losing oil. Though it has been better since I had it at the shop last September (before I was going through an extra quart of oil every 1500 miles. Now it's more like a quart every 3000 or so miles, and hey! that's when you're supposed to get the oil changed anyhow! Woo!).

So yes, my poor little saturnmobile is starting to keel over slowly. And now the question is whether we should have it all fixed, or how big of a band-aid we should put on it before just breaking down and getting a newer car for me.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Projects

So, I finally had time (and had finished the hand sewing part) to finish off some baby projects. I, however, am a dork and forgot to take pictures (D'OH!). So unfortunately, no pictures of 2 of the 3 projects, and I can't post the 3rd project until after I give it to Miss Sarah at her baby shower in a couple of weeks.

But the good news is that the project I made for Baby Betsy actually looked like it was supposed to (a rabbit), and it wasn't overly difficult, and it didn't take me forever to do. Of course, I showed it to Co-Worker Matt this morning and he was like "very nice, very nice...I guess it looks sorta like an armadillo if you turn it like this." Keep in mind that to him, there are no other animals in the stuffed animal book, only the armadillo. But, Co-Worker Daniel was impressed. AND the stuffed animal is for his kid after all.

Last night was one of the loudest thunderstorms we've had down here...Poor IV was jumpin' all the time. When we went to bed she was all laying next to me and she'd wake up every time the thunder clapped. But then she'd roll over on her back and look at me and start purring. Cats are so cute when they're bein' cute...Anyhow, we're supposed to have more storms tonight...and tomorrow night...and then I think we're safe...maybe...hopefully...just no thunderstorms while we're flying in a tin can with wings okay?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


About 2 months ago, we (the girl's night girls) decided we should determine a date to have Miss Sarah's baby shower. Sunday March 25th was determined to be the best time--everyone was planning on being in town. Now, we have to reschedule the baby shower to the day before because someone decided it would work better for then, the reason we decided on Sunday was so Shawna could go (she has to work on Saturdays). Sigh....the best laid plans of mice and men always go awry.

In other news, while mom and dad were in Vegas this weekend, he managed to lose his wallet. Don't worry, they found it, but still, only my dad would be able to set his wallet down on a slot machine and walk away from another casino...before realizing he'd lost it. Good thing one of the Casino Lackeys was the one that found it. And this ladies and gentlemen, is why you need to go to sleep while you're in Vegas. :)