Tuesday, March 06, 2007


About 2 months ago, we (the girl's night girls) decided we should determine a date to have Miss Sarah's baby shower. Sunday March 25th was determined to be the best time--everyone was planning on being in town. Now, we have to reschedule the baby shower to the day before because someone decided it would work better for them...now then, the reason we decided on Sunday was so Shawna could go (she has to work on Saturdays). Sigh....the best laid plans of mice and men always go awry.

In other news, while mom and dad were in Vegas this weekend, he managed to lose his wallet. Don't worry, they found it, but still, only my dad would be able to set his wallet down on a slot machine and walk away from it...to another casino...before realizing he'd lost it. Good thing one of the Casino Lackeys was the one that found it. And this ladies and gentlemen, is why you need to go to sleep while you're in Vegas. :)


Ross said...

For all you Swingers fans out there, "Vegas, baby! Vegas!"

Dani said...

Papa is silly-- what can I say. Men have bad plans-- but mice I don't know if we have proof of that.