Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Projects

So, I finally had time (and had finished the hand sewing part) to finish off some baby projects. I, however, am a dork and forgot to take pictures (D'OH!). So unfortunately, no pictures of 2 of the 3 projects, and I can't post the 3rd project until after I give it to Miss Sarah at her baby shower in a couple of weeks.

But the good news is that the project I made for Baby Betsy actually looked like it was supposed to (a rabbit), and it wasn't overly difficult, and it didn't take me forever to do. Of course, I showed it to Co-Worker Matt this morning and he was like "very nice, very nice...I guess it looks sorta like an armadillo if you turn it like this." Keep in mind that to him, there are no other animals in the stuffed animal book, only the armadillo. But, Co-Worker Daniel was impressed. AND the stuffed animal is for his kid after all.

Last night was one of the loudest thunderstorms we've had down here...Poor IV was jumpin' all the time. When we went to bed she was all laying next to me and she'd wake up every time the thunder clapped. But then she'd roll over on her back and look at me and start purring. Cats are so cute when they're bein' cute...Anyhow, we're supposed to have more storms tonight...and tomorrow night...and then I think we're safe...maybe...hopefully...just no thunderstorms while we're flying in a tin can with wings okay?

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Dani said...

silly IV being cute... where did she learn that?