Sunday, January 29, 2006

She's Drunk on Stupid

So, I really don't have any new and exciting information to share with the world. Sorry. But I did like the title of this particular post. "She's Drunk on Stupid." It's something that Shawn came up with like last Thursday. He was typing away on his computer and I said something about our cat, IV, always wanting to be petted. I'm sure he meant to say "she's drunk on love" but somehow managed to say "stupid" instead, thus, this phrase will become part of my vocabulary for the weeks to come. Mostly because I can use it in so many different ways...especially when I'm talking about "The Bachelor: Paris" or "Beauty and the Geek 2." So many options!

In other news, I got a raise! WEEE! Yep, a whole $0.63/hour raise. I think I'm putting it all in retirement. Boring, I know. I'll probably splurge first and buy new gutters for the house, a refrigerator, and possibly a little Bissell Green Clean Machine. Oh so exciting...that's me, living on the edge, BABY!

We went to see "Munich" today with some of our friends (Have fun in Venezuela!). I liked it. The sex scene at the end was a the point where I was afraid I was going to squirt Coke out of my nose. Sad really because I like Eric Bana, he's a good actor, and is "mighty easy on the eyes" but still, he looked like a dork. So, to Mr. Spielberg: Next time you think about making a montage of your main character having sex with his wife whom he hasn't seen in over a year AND of people being shot to death in helicopters, you may want to re-think it, because there is NO POSSIBLE way for it to turn out well.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dude, you need help.

So my sister and mom have started reading my blog (yay! and yet at the same time this means I have to be aware that they are apparently wasn't too happy about me saying she likes shoes with buckles and pants up to her belly-button.). This of course brought up Dani's compliment of "you're funny and witty in your blogs" and dude, WHATEVER! I re-read these things and go "GAWD, I'm so BORRRRRING. No wonder no one ever reads this crap." And so, Dearest Dani, You need help. Help I say.

Also, Mom, if you're reading this: If you watch "the Constant Gardener" make sure you drink a lot of Coke, otherwise you're going to be extremely confused. In regards to that movie, it's wierd, while I was watching it, I was going "this is boring, why are we watching this?" but now, after the fact, it had a good premise, it was a good just could have moved faster...much faster...

Friday, January 20, 2006

When promulgatin'

so, I figure I'll explain where I got the title for my blog...yep, to all zero of you people who read my blog...but just in case one person reads it someday, I figure you can leave a little bit smarter...yep, smarter I say.

Well, I got this from a Marilyn Vos Savant article when I was in high school. and without further delay, here is the paragraph:

When promulgating your isoteric cogitations or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable philosopical and psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your verbal evaporations have lucidity, intelligibility and veracious vivactiy without rodomontade or thespian bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompus propensity and sophomoric vacuity.

In other words: Don't use big words.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thermos Rockamortamer Dos (as in 2)

So, one of Alison's blogs from a long time ago and on ThermosRock, she mentioned one of the elderly gentlemen she works with (and come on, she's got work with a ton because she works for a news radio talk show). Anyhow, he would end all of his bits on the radio with "Thermos Rockamortamer." And, while I read her blog, and I believed it, I guess I didn't really believe it. So, this morning when I heard a snipet of news talk that sounded more like it should have been on NPR than on KLBJAM, and the guy then ended with "Thermos Rockamortamer," I couldn't stop laughing.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I've got Black Drawers, what about you?

So, as I promised, I'm going to show pictures of the new furniture. We finally got it in the house on Saturday with the help of Nick, Sarah and Amy. We got the stuff from Austin Affordable Furniture. The place is going out of business so they've got some pretty good deals. Along with the 2 pieces, we also got a nightstand. We opted out of the bed frame because we didn't want to have to go buy a mattress and new bedsheets...Besides, our full bed works perfectly fine. Also, do not be fooled--there are not 14 smaller drawers on the dresser on the left, it's only 5 drawers that go the entire width of the thing.

AD-DICT-ED (a dikt' ed)

Ad-dict-ed. Adj. Compulsively or Psychologically dependent on something habit-forming; "She is addicted to chocolate." "He is addicted to Cocaine."

Yes everyone, I am addicted. Addicted to TV. Yes, TV. Shawn and I have something to watch every night except Saturdays. But Saturdays are "Rent a movie from the H.E.B. $1 machine night" so we even really have something to watch then as well. Here is our schedule (Please note that NONE of these shows are on cable--we do not have cable--if we did, the world would cease to exist because we wouldn't be going to work.)(Also, shows in () are the shows that we don't record, but watch religiously, the other ones we record):
  • (Girl's Night: The Bachelor (ABC))
  • How I met your Mother (CBS)
  • CSI: Miami (CBS)
  • (King of Queens (CBS))
  • (Two and a Half Men (CBS))
  • The Amazing Race (CBS)
  • House (FOX)
  • (NCIS (CBS))
  • (Love Monkey (CBS)--we may watch it, we may not)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS)
  • CSI: NY (CBS)
  • (Skating with Celebrities (CBS) We want to watch, but haven't yet)
  • Survivor (CBS)
  • CSI (CBS)
  • Beauty and the Geek (WB)
  • Numb3rs (CBS)
  • (In Justice (ABC)--Katina Only--Caught the Pilot, I liked it)
  • Simpsons (FOX)
  • The War at Home (FOX)
  • The Family Guy (FOX)
  • American Dad (FOX)
  • (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)--Katina Only)
  • (Grey's Anatomy (ABC)--Katina Only)

So, yes, it's a miracle that the litterboxes get cleaned, the food gets cooked, and we get ourselves in the shower. Be glad for small things.

Other things I am addicted to:
Raw cookie dough

And now, since I do not have to go to work today, I will go read the recap of last week's House, which Shawn and I just watched on Saturday night. And then I may get dressed. . . Maybe.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Unsociable Me

So, I just posted the other post, and figured that I'd better post the thing that happened to me while I was driving home from work that same day.

so, I'm driving home, and no, nothing bad happened. I just had an epiphany. I AM unsociable. yep, unsociable, that's it! just unsociable ole me. And the even bigger problem--my husband's unsociable as well.

Of course, I didn't really realize this, I always knew it. It just seemed to be cemented the previous evening...which, in and of itself was uneventful--it was just a normal Girl's Night. But, at one point, everyone was talking about someone/something, and I was completely lost. completely and utterly. mostly because I had NO IDEA what everyone was talking about (henceforth the 'completely and utterly' duh). I mean, it made sense what they were talking about, it just didn't pertain to me because I personally didn't know the person or situation or whatever. But what really got me, is the fact that even the people I didn't figure really talked to each other all that frequently knew about it...

which got me thinking...i think I'm out of the loop...I mean really, Shawn and I hang out by ourselves...we never do much, we never really have people over, we never really go to movies with other people, or out to dinner, or really...anything. Not to mention that I hate, H.A.T.E. using the phone... I would much rather see people in person, or communicate through email...I think it's because I usually get all nervous on the phone...yep, phone a GIRL!!!! yep, to prove how bad it is, we have a cell phone plan (who doesn't?) in which we get like 500 minutes a month, early nights and weekends, and in-network calling. We share this plan with Shawn's parents (yeah, I don't know, don't ask me). We use approximately 50 of the minutes a month...and they're usually all by Shawn's mom.

so yeah, I'm unsociable, I think I may try to be more sociable...just be prepared for me to call everyone asking to actually do things and not just talk on the phone. I promise...I'll get over this thing, whatever IT is.

The Wonderful, Wonderful code of ADL

Hello everyone.

2 days ago, at work, the most amazing thing happened. My supervisor came up to me during my lunch and handed me this little business card. My first thought: He wants me to call this person...crap, I'm still on my lunch break. But then I look down and see that it's a "you've done good" card that they hand out at work sometimes, and this particular card tells me that I can take 2 hours of administrative leave whenever I want and I just have to use the code "ADL" as well as turn in this card. This is awesome. He gave it to me as a thankyou for being so on top of everything apparently.

This will be the 2nd "you've done good" thing he's given me--the first was right before Christmas--a gift card to Blockbuster.

This is the type of stuff that they do at my work to keep us motivated: give everyone a postcard that says "write a co-worker's name on this, and then they can receive a $10 gift card to the following places. They also do the quarterly "over the top" awards. In that case you can nominate someone to get the award...which I believe can give them 8 hours of ADL leave. Paid time off and free money, ain't it grand?

hmm, and to think that at Sarah's old job, they would let them have "flip-flop" week to feel appreciated.

Isn't it great when you realize that you ARE appreciated.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So, 6 weeks you care.

Well, I joined haven't really done much there...but I did find some of my friends from high school--which is awesome. I'm beginning to think that that's what myspace is for.

But, on to other things. :)

nothing much has happened--while I was writing the last post, our kitten managed to
get himself stuck in the neighbor's tree. So, I spent the next hour or so after the last blog coaxing him out of it. To top it off, he had managed to slip his collar so I had to go spend another $8 to get him a new collar and tag.

We did get the flea meds, and they have helped DRASTICALLY with IV's FAD (flea allergy dermatitis). Of course, the biggest problem with FAD is that 2 flea bites a month can cause a cat to lick off all their fur. Which, obviously, is the stage we're at right now--she'll get better for about 2 weeks after we put on the flea stuff, then she'll get bitten by one flea (which, I assume then dies), and she'll lick off all her fur...again. And so, this has been the cycle for the last two months.

I still haven't gone to a dentist because I'm lazy.

Hmm, we had Thanksgiving--we went to our friend's house instead of making the long trip back to Colorado. It was a blast. Then there were the Christmas parties...which were fun as well--I got to finally meet all the people that Shawn works with...some of them seem a little nerdy...but then, what am I talking about? Shawn's a nerd--we do have like 6 computers in this house, and I am currently using the ONLY one that doesn't use a linux operating system.

For Christmas, Shawn's parents came down. It was nice to see them (not to mention that they brought down all of my stuff from my parents house). Shawn and I became gourmet cooks while they were down here--Spaghetti, Garlic Chicken, Lamb...and I also think that our waterbill had to have skyrocketted because we were running the damn dishwasher every day.

New Years...yep, new years...we stayed home. we watched a movie. we missed midnight by 15 minutes. oops. We WERE supposed to go to a party, but we didn't feel right going to a party that was being held at a house where the owners were out of felt kinda like high school...or like an 80's movie.

Which brings us to last weekend...LAST WEEKEND! we went backpacking--fun...until my cold kicked in and I was up the ENTIRE FREAKING NIGHT blowing my nose/sneezing. That part? Not so fun. We left the next day and while we were hiking out of the park we saw 2 live ARMADILLOS! it was AWESOME! I love armadillos...they're like armor plated raccoons. Then we went to look at furniture. So we got a new bedroom set. I promise to post pictures soon.