Friday, January 13, 2006

Unsociable Me

So, I just posted the other post, and figured that I'd better post the thing that happened to me while I was driving home from work that same day.

so, I'm driving home, and no, nothing bad happened. I just had an epiphany. I AM unsociable. yep, unsociable, that's it! just unsociable ole me. And the even bigger problem--my husband's unsociable as well.

Of course, I didn't really realize this, I always knew it. It just seemed to be cemented the previous evening...which, in and of itself was uneventful--it was just a normal Girl's Night. But, at one point, everyone was talking about someone/something, and I was completely lost. completely and utterly. mostly because I had NO IDEA what everyone was talking about (henceforth the 'completely and utterly' duh). I mean, it made sense what they were talking about, it just didn't pertain to me because I personally didn't know the person or situation or whatever. But what really got me, is the fact that even the people I didn't figure really talked to each other all that frequently knew about it...

which got me thinking...i think I'm out of the loop...I mean really, Shawn and I hang out by ourselves...we never do much, we never really have people over, we never really go to movies with other people, or out to dinner, or really...anything. Not to mention that I hate, H.A.T.E. using the phone... I would much rather see people in person, or communicate through email...I think it's because I usually get all nervous on the phone...yep, phone a GIRL!!!! yep, to prove how bad it is, we have a cell phone plan (who doesn't?) in which we get like 500 minutes a month, early nights and weekends, and in-network calling. We share this plan with Shawn's parents (yeah, I don't know, don't ask me). We use approximately 50 of the minutes a month...and they're usually all by Shawn's mom.

so yeah, I'm unsociable, I think I may try to be more sociable...just be prepared for me to call everyone asking to actually do things and not just talk on the phone. I promise...I'll get over this thing, whatever IT is.

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