Monday, January 23, 2006

Dude, you need help.

So my sister and mom have started reading my blog (yay! and yet at the same time this means I have to be aware that they are apparently wasn't too happy about me saying she likes shoes with buckles and pants up to her belly-button.). This of course brought up Dani's compliment of "you're funny and witty in your blogs" and dude, WHATEVER! I re-read these things and go "GAWD, I'm so BORRRRRING. No wonder no one ever reads this crap." And so, Dearest Dani, You need help. Help I say.

Also, Mom, if you're reading this: If you watch "the Constant Gardener" make sure you drink a lot of Coke, otherwise you're going to be extremely confused. In regards to that movie, it's wierd, while I was watching it, I was going "this is boring, why are we watching this?" but now, after the fact, it had a good premise, it was a good just could have moved faster...much faster...

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