Friday, January 13, 2006

The Wonderful, Wonderful code of ADL

Hello everyone.

2 days ago, at work, the most amazing thing happened. My supervisor came up to me during my lunch and handed me this little business card. My first thought: He wants me to call this person...crap, I'm still on my lunch break. But then I look down and see that it's a "you've done good" card that they hand out at work sometimes, and this particular card tells me that I can take 2 hours of administrative leave whenever I want and I just have to use the code "ADL" as well as turn in this card. This is awesome. He gave it to me as a thankyou for being so on top of everything apparently.

This will be the 2nd "you've done good" thing he's given me--the first was right before Christmas--a gift card to Blockbuster.

This is the type of stuff that they do at my work to keep us motivated: give everyone a postcard that says "write a co-worker's name on this, and then they can receive a $10 gift card to the following places. They also do the quarterly "over the top" awards. In that case you can nominate someone to get the award...which I believe can give them 8 hours of ADL leave. Paid time off and free money, ain't it grand?

hmm, and to think that at Sarah's old job, they would let them have "flip-flop" week to feel appreciated.

Isn't it great when you realize that you ARE appreciated.

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