Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey, your credit is stellar, would you like to buy anything else?

So, Shawn and I went and bought new living room furniture. I would post a link to the stuff we got, but for whatever reason, it's like the ONLY furniture set they don't have on their website, so you'll just have to wait until the stuff all arrives on Saturday. Sorry. :P But, I can try to describe's olive green, fabric....has pillows that have eggplant and olive circles on them...hmm, yes. We got the sofa and the chair with ottoman...The ottoman is HUGE! you can practically sleep on it. But it was funny--we went in yesterday and just loved the stuff so we went back today and bought it. It was funny though because I was filling out the application for the Rooms To Go credit card and one of the questions is "what is your monthly mortgage payment?" and other questions associated with mortgages, and so we asked the guy if we needed to fill it out and he was like "oh yes because if you have a bad credit rating, we go off of what the mortgage company says about you paying your mortgage." so we filled out the questions to the best of our ability (Yes we know our monthly payments, no we do not know the outstanding debt on our mortgage). But the guy ran off with the application and came back like 5 seconds later saying we were approved (we think it's because we put down how much we each make). But when we were signing off on the furniture the guy was like "okay, well your credit rating is awesome, you sure you dont' want to buy anything else? Could I interest you in a mattress, or a rug?" nothing quite like saying "hey, your credit is good, would you like to ruin it?"

BUT, I'll post pictures when we get the stuff...

Monday, June 19, 2006


Alright, a short post--
Mr. Clark took the TEST. this is what his strengths are: ideation, input, strategic, developer, context. This means that he tends to remember every little thing about crazy religions....and history...and everything else really --you should ask him about the flying spaghetti monster religion sometime...I shit you not, there's a religion in which the guy believes that a flying spaghetti monster put us all on earth.

I am Context, input, individualization, developer, responsibility. That means that I like to know the history of things, I remember everything, I treat everyone differently, I can see the small steps that people need to take to get where they're going, and when I claim I'll do something, come hell or high water, I'll do it.

Shawn is Learner, Analytical, Relator, Intellection, Adaptability. That means he spends 2 weeks learning about a product that he wants, then spends the next 2 weeks going over all the alternatives to said product. He will eventually buy a product, but only a few select people will get to see/use said product because he builds relationships with people he already knows, he likes to think, and he's able to go with the flow (on some things).

so yeah, these are our psychoses, what are yours?

Adaptability: You live in the moment
Analytical: You always say "prove it"
Context: You need to know the history of something before deciding on the future
Developer: You see the potential in others
Ideation: You are fascinated by ideas
Individualization: You are intrigued by the unique qualities in people
Input: You collect things (anything--quotations, stuffed bears, animals, trivia)
Intellection: You like to think
Learner: You like to learn
Relator: You are pulled to people you already know
Responsibility: You take psychological ownership for anything you commit to
Strategic: You can sort through the clutter to find the best route

So then, 3 people, 12 themes of 34 utilized...not bad, not bad... I promise I'll get around to one about different people I work with...and not just the ones who have taken the test.

Friday, June 16, 2006


No, my cat is not having kittens again (she's fixed), but Mr. and Mrs. Poochie found a stray with 3 kittens in their backyard on Tuesday night. And now, since Mr. Poochie has renounced his love of all small furry things, they are looking for someone to foster said kittens. So, naturally, I'm up there on the list--mostly because I have concrete floors and have already gone through this process once before. Unfortuneately, this time I have an IV cat who, like Mr. Poochie, has renounced all things that are small, furry, and of her same species. So this means that if she's not sitting at the door growling and hissing at the new kittens, she would probably be licking herself bald (which, as i said, goes in phases...sometimes she's bald, sometimes she's not...I don't know...that little weirdo).

But, we may have a solution, Kena has said that she may be able to take the cats--as long as I went and got them all tested and innoculated and whatnot first to be sure that they wouldn't give anything to her cat. But, at least this time around, it appears as if there's already homes for all the kittens, it's just a waiting game to make sure they're weaned.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Outdoor furniture

Here's a picture of our new outdoor furniture we bought. Yes the chairs don't match the table--but the issue is that we have birds that like to poop on the deck at the place where the table is, and the chairs that come with the set are fabric slingback, so we figured that with all the bird poop that was bound to get on them that it would be better if we found fabric slingbacks that DIDN'T cost $80/chair. We also didn't get the umbrella for the same reason (damn birdpoop)...not to mention that the table doesn't really get all that much sun anyhow.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Like Sands through the Hour Glass...

So, are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Things recently about Days (please take note that I do NOT watch this show...ever)

1. My parents got my name from the show. Yep...Baby Katina. She was on in the early eighties for aparently like a nano-second.

2. My mom used to do daycare, and so, when I was allowed to not take naps anymore, I had to help fold laundry. Funny, mom made sure that our nap hour coincided with Days.

3. About a month after I started helping to fold the laundry, they killed off my favorite character; Patch. I was sad. I remember asking mom why they would do such a thing. She said it made for better stories.

4. The next day they aired the 'funeral'. At the end, some guys came out and switched the coffins! Yay Patch lives! But then they never brought him back. We went through the Roman isn't Roman, he's John; Marlena is possessed by the Devil (that was awesome); Isabella is killed off; the old guy (Tom I think) actually dies in real life so they had to kill him off in the show; Jack gets replaced, and then later the original Jack is brought back to replace Interim Jack; and then I stopped watching--hey, 1st grade started!

5. Yesterday, while watching "Last Comic Standing" there was a comercial for Days. And they're bringing back PATCH!

6. Thus proving that the world in which Soap Operas occur that anything can, and in all likelyhood; will, happen.