Friday, June 16, 2006


No, my cat is not having kittens again (she's fixed), but Mr. and Mrs. Poochie found a stray with 3 kittens in their backyard on Tuesday night. And now, since Mr. Poochie has renounced his love of all small furry things, they are looking for someone to foster said kittens. So, naturally, I'm up there on the list--mostly because I have concrete floors and have already gone through this process once before. Unfortuneately, this time I have an IV cat who, like Mr. Poochie, has renounced all things that are small, furry, and of her same species. So this means that if she's not sitting at the door growling and hissing at the new kittens, she would probably be licking herself bald (which, as i said, goes in phases...sometimes she's bald, sometimes she's not...I don't know...that little weirdo).

But, we may have a solution, Kena has said that she may be able to take the cats--as long as I went and got them all tested and innoculated and whatnot first to be sure that they wouldn't give anything to her cat. But, at least this time around, it appears as if there's already homes for all the kittens, it's just a waiting game to make sure they're weaned.

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