Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey, your credit is stellar, would you like to buy anything else?

So, Shawn and I went and bought new living room furniture. I would post a link to the stuff we got, but for whatever reason, it's like the ONLY furniture set they don't have on their website, so you'll just have to wait until the stuff all arrives on Saturday. Sorry. :P But, I can try to describe's olive green, fabric....has pillows that have eggplant and olive circles on them...hmm, yes. We got the sofa and the chair with ottoman...The ottoman is HUGE! you can practically sleep on it. But it was funny--we went in yesterday and just loved the stuff so we went back today and bought it. It was funny though because I was filling out the application for the Rooms To Go credit card and one of the questions is "what is your monthly mortgage payment?" and other questions associated with mortgages, and so we asked the guy if we needed to fill it out and he was like "oh yes because if you have a bad credit rating, we go off of what the mortgage company says about you paying your mortgage." so we filled out the questions to the best of our ability (Yes we know our monthly payments, no we do not know the outstanding debt on our mortgage). But the guy ran off with the application and came back like 5 seconds later saying we were approved (we think it's because we put down how much we each make). But when we were signing off on the furniture the guy was like "okay, well your credit rating is awesome, you sure you dont' want to buy anything else? Could I interest you in a mattress, or a rug?" nothing quite like saying "hey, your credit is good, would you like to ruin it?"

BUT, I'll post pictures when we get the stuff...

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Dani said...

Go credit! I've been looking at new living room set as well... but then we would have to get the old stuff moved down stair.... and that was diffcult getting it up there