Friday, March 31, 2006


So then, I'm sure most people have heard of It is pretty much a way for people from highschool and middleschool to get back in touch with each other. And, as such, I've managed to find friends from middle school that Ihaven't really seen since, and the same goes for high school. And let me tell you, it is awesome. So then, my suggestion for the day, join myspace and reach out and find someone.


Irony: Fox News Radio; Fair AND Balanced.

updates: We're thinking of taking IV off her happy pills. Mostly because she's gotten vindictive about the damn things. Two nights ago she actually came up to me 5 minutes after the pill and bit my hand. This morning she took a swipe at Shawn's eye--good thing he wears glasses. Anyhow, we're going to try dissolving her pills in water to see how that goes for a little while.

Quazi was taken to the vet again on Monday morning because of a pus bubble/buildup. So now we give him Clavamox pills 2 times a day and squeeze pus-goo stuff INTO his wound once a day. We're done giving him normal bubblegum ammoxicillin because he's on the clavamox, but he never did like that stuff anyhow.

We're going to go buy a rainbarrel or two tomorrow. Yeah, we had to move to Austin, TX to become hippies. We got a composter a month ago, and decided to try to do some organic gardening...we'll see how that goes.

and....that's pretty much it. We're boring...and I'm writing posts about my cats...sigh, I've become that crazy cat lady.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Adventures in Cat-owning

So, a little over a week ago (the 16th), IV went outside (normal), and came back in about an hour (normal), with her left eye squinted shut (not normal). The next morning her eye was runny and her third eyelid was all red and inflammed. I took her to our vet and left her there for the day. When I picked her up, the vet gave me some anti-bacterial eye-goo stuff to put in her eye 3 times a day. So then, we are, at this point, now giving IV her Buspar (happy pills) 2 times a day, and putting Neobacimyx in her eye 3 times a day. (look, it's a pic of all the meds we've ever had to give IV...and it's missing the atropine--see below).

A week later (Wed, 22), IV's eye isn't any better. I set up an appointment with the vet to 1) get her eye looked at again, and 2) get a refill on her happy pills. We get there, they put some of the flourescence in her eye. She's actually got a scratch and not just a run of the mill infection. So we're given some more eye-goo stuff (Atropine) with the warning of "True story, If you get this stuff in your eye, it'll make your pupil dilate. If this happens, AND for whatever reason you freak out about it and go to the doctor, the doctor will freak out and think that there's got to be some reason for the dilation, and they'll probably want to do a C.T. scan. So, please, at that point, try to remember that you're putting this stuff in your cat's eye and THAT's what is making your pupil dilate." So then, we are, at this point, now giving IV her happy pills 2 times a day, putting anti-bacterial eye-goo in 2 times a day, and putting pupil-dilating-pain-relief eye-goo in 2 times a day (keep in mind that these 2 eye-goos cannot be put in the eye at the same time), AND giving her half of a children's asprin pill once every three days for general pain control. I believe I said to Ivers that night, "alright Ives, next time, let's try to make it so that Quazi is the cat that comes to the vet instead of you for once."

THEN (!!!) on Thursday night, I come home from work and Quazi is walking around the house, all sedated (NOT normal), and occasionally is picking up his left front paw. I try to look at it and he pulls away from me. Then I see that he's thrown up again (he had puked 2 times the night before)... And there's no food in it, which means that he hasn't eaten anything all day long. Shawn comes home and holds Quazi while I try to get a closer look at his paw. One claw, two claw, three claw, MEOWWWWW!

The Kitten is missing a freaking CLAW! Well, crap! The last time I had an animal that ripped a claw out he had to have bandages changed every day with soaking in anti-bacterial stuff and the cone (poor Zippy). And he had been taken to the vet 12 hours after the fact...not 24 as it was in this case (The only time Quazi would have had a chance to get his claw ripped out would have been the night before). So we make a run to the Emergency Vet office. An hour in, the vet tells us she feels a possible hernia in his abdomen. She goes to do an ultra sound and the lump kinda just disappears so she does an X-ray to see if she can see anything. The answer, not really, but this side of his abdominal wall looks a little suspect. He needs exploratory surgery, which is expensive and there's the possiblity that he's ripped his muscles from his pelvis in which case you need to do some crazy grafting proceedure. You can either do this NOW or you can take him to the regular vet first thing in the morning and get a second opinion. We decide on the second opinion. 2 hours after we first arrive we leave with X-rays, Amoxicillin, Buprinex (pain killers), instructions to see the regular vet in the morning because of a possible abdominal wall tear, and a sleeping kitten with a wet paw.

(pic of Quazi in a tree less than 2 weeks after the e-vet visit) I took Quazi to the regular vet this morning, they checked everything and found a puncture wound that the other vet didn't. This just happens to be filled with puss and on the side where the emergency vet felt the bump. It appears he had an abcess that was "popped," drained, and a little sore. After the 2 vets at the normal office took a look at the kitten and the X-rays they decide he was in a cat fight. Keep him on the Amoxicillin and the pain killers. Watch the toe and the puncture, if he isn't acting like himself in a few days, bring him back in. Take him back to the emergency vet if he doesn't poop or pee.

So now, our morning and evening schedules are as such:
IV: 2 eye-goos, happy pills...each 2 times a day
Quazi: pain meds and amoxicillin...each 2 times a day.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, a total of 10 doses of meds given out each day between 2 cats...sigh.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fuck South by Southwest

Alright, I should have written this last night, but I was too upset to. About a month ago, Shawn's mom called Shawn to tell him that one of the guys he grew up with from his church was going to be at some music festival in Austin in the middle of March. We automatically knew she meant South by Southwest--it was the only music fest coming up. Anyhow, I spent a week doing research because searching the SXSW site didn't list Travis' band's name, so I had to find out what his new band's name was and then where they were going to be playing and when. Finally I figure all this out. Elsie calls shawn to give him Travis's email address. Everything is going great. I checked every website I could think of about information (I didn't want to buy a wristband for the thing because we were just wanting to go to one show, had we decided to go to more than probably 3, we would have gone for the wristbands.) Anyhow, I can't find any information specific to the bar they are playing at (I don't know why it didn't cross my mind to google the bar, but I didn't). But we finally figure it out. They're playing 3/18 at midnight at BD Riley's bar. good, got it. I was excited. This last week I checked the SXSW site every day to make sure they were still supposed to play at that time. Saturday comes, I check one last time, declare everything good and go out to eat at Chipotle. We come home and I decide that since we're going to be going down town for at least 3-4 hours, and we've still got about an hour to kill that I'd get all dooded up. I put on mascara and lip gloss even. Now then, I DON'T ususally wear mascara or lip gloss, so it's OBVIOUSLY a special night. I'm just jumping at the bit to go--I slept in late that morning to be fully rested and everything. Then, at the last minute I decide to google the bar to see if they have something about how much they'll charge for cover. This is when I got frustrated. Right there, on the website, "wristband required" What the FUCK?!?!? Bullshit! Complete and utter BULLSHIT! I was so frustrated. I immediately went and washed my face, and changed clothes I was so pissed. We ended up watching "War of the Worlds" but still, I'm bitter. And as such, I have made the decision that I will NEVER go to BD Riley's and that I'll only go to the Free SXSW least there I know you don't have to have a wristband.

Friday, March 10, 2006

que interesante

so, usually, I think there is only ONE person who reads this blog, and for that, I thank you Dani. BUT because of MySpace, one of my 'boyfriends' from middle school has read at least a few of the earlier entries (Thanks Troy!). And I know that variously throughout the last 2 months, some of my other friends have read this as well (Girls, you're awesome). But there is a bit of quandry. The other day I noticed that I had a new comment posted about the "Things that do not look good in a one-sie" entry.

Anonymous said...

"Good comments. But, I do not agree with most of them. People sure have a lot of time on their hands."

Now then, I must admit that I am somewhat confused--Good Comments as in "good blogs"? or Good Comments as in "good comments"--you know the things that people say about my blogs--so Dani, the only person to actually make comments about my blogs, makes good comments? I don't know. But that does bring us to the second sentence. So, if we assume that the first part of my statement is true, then it implies that Anonymous thinks that bagel sized tumors look good in a One-sie...all....right. But if we go with assuming that they meant Dani's comments, then that means that they don't want Shawn's grandpa or mother to get better...which... is still bad. Interesting what type of people there are on the internet isn't it? And the last part, I don't see how that can really apply to Dani, unless it's that she's got lots of free time because she has time to read my pointless blatherings. So therefore we'll assume that they're saying that I have alot of free time. And I suppose I do. I have a job, I have a house, I have a husband (who works much later than I do--when do you think I write these things?), and I have cats...they're not exactly high-maintenance. So, I've usually got about 4 hours every night and 8 hours each day on the weekend to do what ever the hell I want (and yes, that's accounting for cooking dinner, taking care of the car, cleaning the house every weekend, etc).

Perhaps they're just jealous because I apparently type fast...well, I do think that I would be able to cut all these blogs in half, if I actually took the time to think and to edit...but that would increase the time that I spend on these things exponentially.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Brokeback crashed

I, like a lot of people, watched the Oscars. Although, I will say that I only watched the Oscars for Jon Stewart. And as such, I was sad that I missed the opening monologue. I did hear about a crack he made about Bjork and how Veep Cheney shot her. That was funny, I'm sure I would have been much happier if I had actually seen him say it.

Things I liked:
-Philip Seymour Hoffman getting best actor. I haven't seen Capote but I like him, so I'm glad.
-Reese Witherspoon getting Best actress. I haven't seen Walk the Line but I like her, so good!
-George Clooney's acceptance speech for best actor in a supporting role. I walked out of the living room to get something and said over my shoulder, "That means that he didn't get best Director!" and Shawn said "Why do you say that? More importantly, why is Clooney saying that right now?"
-Rachel Weis waddling up the stage to accept her oscar for best actress in a supporting role.
-The look on Reese Witherspoon's face when they showed the fake campaign for best actress.
-Jon Stewart!
-"Martin Scorsese: 0 oscars, 3-6 Mafia: 1 oscar"
-Presentations of Best makeup and best visual effects.
-Wallace and Gromit guys' bow ties for oscar
-Morgan Freeman standing in the wings watching the acceptance speech for "March of the Penguins"
-The one chick's right nipple making it's television debut. The lady in the orange dress--I swear when she went to hug her husband (producer for Crash), that her right boob fell out of her dress. But then, I can't find anything about it, so it probably didn't happen.

Things I didn't like:
-Reese Witherspoon's acceptance speech...
-Spielberg's reaction to Ben Stiller saying "this is blowing Spielberg's mind!"
-Selma Hayek's dress (I personally thought that it made her look like she just had one boob)
-Crash winning best picture...but then, I think I just wanted a movie with hot guys in it to win...and I don't consider Matt Dillon to be hot.
-Altman's end of his speech--"10 years ago I had a total heart replacement. I received the heart of a 39 year old woman I believe. Which means that I have another 40 years left in me." What?!?!? If you had thanked her and her family for giving you the heart so that you could live and therefore go on to continue making great movies, fine, but to say that you can live longer because of her heart...just...heartless.
-Charlize Theron's dress
-Naomi Watts's dress
-Michelle Williams's dress
-the guy in the Texas Tuxedo.

And, I think that's about it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things that deffinitely do NOT look good in a onsie

Yay, Shawn's mom doesn't have cancer! She called me last night to let us know. She's obviously been taken off of the Tamoxifen as apparently she is one of the people that got the "may cause uterine tumors" side-effect. But Yay! Apparently the tumor was the size of a bagel. DAMN man!