Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fuck South by Southwest

Alright, I should have written this last night, but I was too upset to. About a month ago, Shawn's mom called Shawn to tell him that one of the guys he grew up with from his church was going to be at some music festival in Austin in the middle of March. We automatically knew she meant South by Southwest--it was the only music fest coming up. Anyhow, I spent a week doing research because searching the SXSW site didn't list Travis' band's name, so I had to find out what his new band's name was and then where they were going to be playing and when. Finally I figure all this out. Elsie calls shawn to give him Travis's email address. Everything is going great. I checked every website I could think of about information (I didn't want to buy a wristband for the thing because we were just wanting to go to one show, had we decided to go to more than probably 3, we would have gone for the wristbands.) Anyhow, I can't find any information specific to the bar they are playing at (I don't know why it didn't cross my mind to google the bar, but I didn't). But we finally figure it out. They're playing 3/18 at midnight at BD Riley's bar. good, got it. I was excited. This last week I checked the SXSW site every day to make sure they were still supposed to play at that time. Saturday comes, I check one last time, declare everything good and go out to eat at Chipotle. We come home and I decide that since we're going to be going down town for at least 3-4 hours, and we've still got about an hour to kill that I'd get all dooded up. I put on mascara and lip gloss even. Now then, I DON'T ususally wear mascara or lip gloss, so it's OBVIOUSLY a special night. I'm just jumping at the bit to go--I slept in late that morning to be fully rested and everything. Then, at the last minute I decide to google the bar to see if they have something about how much they'll charge for cover. This is when I got frustrated. Right there, on the website, "wristband required" What the FUCK?!?!? Bullshit! Complete and utter BULLSHIT! I was so frustrated. I immediately went and washed my face, and changed clothes I was so pissed. We ended up watching "War of the Worlds" but still, I'm bitter. And as such, I have made the decision that I will NEVER go to BD Riley's and that I'll only go to the Free SXSW least there I know you don't have to have a wristband.

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