Friday, March 31, 2006


Irony: Fox News Radio; Fair AND Balanced.

updates: We're thinking of taking IV off her happy pills. Mostly because she's gotten vindictive about the damn things. Two nights ago she actually came up to me 5 minutes after the pill and bit my hand. This morning she took a swipe at Shawn's eye--good thing he wears glasses. Anyhow, we're going to try dissolving her pills in water to see how that goes for a little while.

Quazi was taken to the vet again on Monday morning because of a pus bubble/buildup. So now we give him Clavamox pills 2 times a day and squeeze pus-goo stuff INTO his wound once a day. We're done giving him normal bubblegum ammoxicillin because he's on the clavamox, but he never did like that stuff anyhow.

We're going to go buy a rainbarrel or two tomorrow. Yeah, we had to move to Austin, TX to become hippies. We got a composter a month ago, and decided to try to do some organic gardening...we'll see how that goes.

and....that's pretty much it. We're boring...and I'm writing posts about my cats...sigh, I've become that crazy cat lady.

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Dani said...

ah, crazy cat lady... it can't be too bad usually crazy cat ladies are not married... That Shawn is your saving grace from the hell known as creep cat lady!