Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stuff for the Understuffed

So, Shawn and I went back to Colorado a few weeks ago. I know, I didn't blog anything about it...mostly because nothing really happened, besides, pictures are better than words--if you want to know what happened, go to our home page. But I digress. We went back home and while we were there, it was decided that we should go see my grandparents. Mostly because their house is in the mountains and they're trying to sell it (on a side note, my typing accuracy is crap tonight). Now then, the cabin...oh the cabin. The ground breaking was on the day Dani was born. So that means that the main building is 23 years old. There are pictures of cousin David and me hammering various nails, pictures of our parents when they were young, and pictures of the grandparents...not necessarily looking lots younger, but their glasses sure have changed a lot. And also, there are lots of memories. Grandma baking sugar cookies and singing "Frosty the Snowman" while the kids sat around and did Christmas crafts...Jared insisting that we watch "Annie" again, and singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow....Tomorrow, Tomorrow" through the whole movie...Hiking up around Montgomery Mill to look for old pieces of metal with the metal detector...Toboganing down the driveway...and so on and so forth....but once again, I digress.

ANYHOW the point of this whole story was that Grandma and Grandpa are moving out. This of course has them in a tizzy. Mostly because there is absolutely NO WHERE to put anything from the cabin in their house in Arizona. This, of course, means that they have to get rid of a bunch of stuff. And a lot of the stuff in the Cabin is the heirloom type stuff. You should have seen grandma when we were up there, she was throwing things at us left and right. In the end, it ended up that I got a couple of plates, a Donald Duck milk pitcher (from the mid '40's), a towel that her mom made (GG Edith apparently did fabric painting and did a tea towel with a dark haired girl and a tea towel with a blond haired girl, and grandma said "wow, it's Katina and Dani" and so she folded them up and put them in her cedar chest, thus they're in great shape), and a hankercheif or two. This of course is in addition to the stuff that Shawn's parents brought back from his grandfather's estate from the last trip to Pennsylvania.

And mom and Dani today took some of the stuff to the Library today because the library was having some "appraise your junk" day or something. Pretty much, there isn't anything worth tons of money ("it's monetary value isn't great, but the sentimental value is through the roof!"). But that's okay...they're heirlooms...and that's what really find a place for all of this stuff.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

wedding photos...again

So the other night i was bored. and I mean really bored. bored to the point of me going through the links on our wedding page. and what do you know? the photographer from the wedding has some of shawn's and my photos up on his website indictitive of the types of photos he And so, to save yourself some time, the photos begin on page 54 of his weddings page (yeah, I went through 50-some-odd-pages of wedding photos that weren't mine--I started from the end and went backward...hey, I said I was bored)....if you ever feel the need to look them up.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dani's Goal of 100

How pitiful...Dani is 3 blogs away from 100. and I, I am at a measly 50-something. But to be fair, I do upkeep for 2 separate really I'm probably over 100, but sad.

Let's see....we went to Colorado, We came back...We're not going back for Christmas...I checked--it would be 2x the cost to fly back at Christmas. Besides, we have Vegas and a wedding to go to early next year. We haven't gotten pictures up yet because Shawn is a dork and is procrastinating on making a webpage for me (hey, I have NO IDEA how to use Digikam, and I'm not about to learn--be glad, I photoshopped the photo below. I call it "Bond's Trip to Colorado")

I went to happy hour with some of the coworkers--it's always fun, although I think we need to stop having happy hour on wednesdays...mostly because Bond and John can't go (those crazy Baptists), and thus it is sad because Bond is awesome...thus the picture of her trip to Colorado.

I'm in Training for the rest of the week at work...which is good, but it's sad--one of the other girls at work was supposed to be in the same training, but she ditched me. Really, it's because she's slammed with work for Williamson Creek and the Corps of Engineers project that's going on down there...don't ask me, I dont' know.

And we're finally getting close to replacing sad, I know. He went to go work for another department because he was at the top of the food chain for GIS people in our department--which sucked for him. But, they have one more person to interview, then we'll have a new person. YAY! I like new people! AND Ross is in Peru right now, I hope he's having a fun time and isn't becoming sick with Typhoid. Because That. Would. Blow. ha! literally!

As mentioned Earlier, Lon and Daniella had the Lima Bean. Her name is Vanessa Mabel. I haven't seen her in person yet, but she's like a very consternated little kid from the picture they sent. Meh, I"m sure she was just gassy...or hungry...or trying to poop...or something (and that's the second time I've made reference to pooping in this blog. Go ME!) But I called last night (she was a scant 3.5 days old) and Lon sounded like BIRTHDAY big guy! But Daniella sounded absolutely fine...I wonder if she just keeps punching him every time he falls asleep...because that would be interesting.

In sad news, Mrs and Mr Poochie took down their website. She says it's because I was the only one that looked at it. and I have one question: Are you saying I'm not good enough?

Oh! speaking of Mrs. Poochie! The bachelor starts up again. and for this, I am excited. Not because the bachelor is a good show, but because that means we'll start having girls' night again! YAY for girls!

And as mentioned earlier: Bond's Vacation to Colorado!

Friday, September 22, 2006


YAY! Ma-Belle was born today, 8 days early. But Lon says that she and her mother are doing well, so everything's good.

Monday, September 04, 2006

oh the insanity

We ate at Fazzoli's tonight. We like Fazolli's. Fast. Italian. Food. Unfortunately, tonight, it was much more like being at a REAL restaurant. And it's all because of THEM. The THEM I speak of is (are?) the people sitting next to us.

First, they held up the line because they wanted to use a coupon on an item that was on special (which apparently you aren't allowed to use a coupon for), and the manager wasn't letting them use the coupon...well, he wasn't going to let them use a coupon until they pretty much refused to order a meal without the damn coupon and the line was already out the door--it was quite the standoff. But, eventually the manager let them use the coupon (which 1. If you try to use the coupon and the manager says "no" your options are either stand your ground and put up a big stink or say "oh, ok" and order your meal sans coupon and 2. If you're the manager, and you tell the people 'no coupon' once, your options are to pray that they listen to you and if they don't, realize that they're going to put up a stink, and that you'd be better off just letting them use the coupon. Hence why standing your ground when attempting to use a coupon is generally an alright usually doesn't cause that much of a backlog of people. But in this case obviously, it did.)

Second, they ordered something special--meaning, "I want the spaghetti, but sauce on the side." So, obviously the first round of food had spaghetti with sauce on it, so it got sent back. When it came out the second time, they had the girl deliver it to the table. Unfortunately, she didn't know who ordered "spaghetti, sauce on the side" and thus figured it was the couple with a little girl. The Fazzoli-ette took the spaghetti off of the tray and put it on the table, the lady at the table said "oh, we didn't order this" and that's when Fazzoli-ette realized that the people who ordered it were at a DIFFERENT table. So she picks the spaghetti sans sauce up and puts it back on the tray and walks over to THEM. The gentleman says "I hate to do this, but since you served this spaghetti to a different table, we would like a new one--one that hasn't been served to anyone else." (which, I have an issue with the "I hate to tell you/do this" phrase because if you really hated it, you wouldn't have done you get some pleasure from making people feel bad...schandenfreude maybe? But I digress) "oh, ok sir, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were the ones that ordered the spaghetti, and the lady over there didn't touch anything..." "I know, but we'd like a new one. It's not a problem, we're having a nice time visiting and we're willing to wait." "uh...yes, sir. I'm sorry about that, Sir." "It's not a problem, we'd just like a new one."

And third, when they finally get their food, they prayed...I'm not talking the silently bow their heads and pray type thing either--it was the holding hands and praying out loud kind of praying...which I totally understand doing at home, or even at college your freshman year where you "eat out" all the time, but doing it at a fast food restaurant just kinda makes you seem like a jackass who is trying to show how pious you are...especially after you made the people at said restaurant make your food 3 times because you're so nit-picky...makes me almost wonder what your religion teaches...because I'm guessing it's not forgiveness and tolerance.