Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dani's Goal of 100

How pitiful...Dani is 3 blogs away from 100. and I, I am at a measly 50-something. But to be fair, I do upkeep for 2 separate blogs...so really I'm probably over 100, but still...so sad.

Let's see....we went to Colorado, We came back...We're not going back for Christmas...I checked--it would be 2x the cost to fly back at Christmas. Besides, we have Vegas and a wedding to go to early next year. We haven't gotten pictures up yet because Shawn is a dork and is procrastinating on making a webpage for me (hey, I have NO IDEA how to use Digikam, and I'm not about to learn--be glad, I photoshopped the photo below. I call it "Bond's Trip to Colorado")

I went to happy hour with some of the coworkers--it's always fun, although I think we need to stop having happy hour on wednesdays...mostly because Bond and John can't go (those crazy Baptists), and thus it is sad because Bond is awesome...thus the picture of her trip to Colorado.

I'm in Training for the rest of the week at work...which is good, but it's sad--one of the other girls at work was supposed to be in the same training, but she ditched me. Really, it's because she's slammed with work for Williamson Creek and the Corps of Engineers project that's going on down there...don't ask me, I dont' know.

And we're finally getting close to replacing Ross...so sad, I know. He went to go work for another department because he was at the top of the food chain for GIS people in our department--which sucked for him. But, they have one more person to interview, then we'll have a new person. YAY! I like new people! AND Ross is in Peru right now, I hope he's having a fun time and isn't becoming sick with Typhoid. Because That. Would. Blow. ha! literally!

As mentioned Earlier, Lon and Daniella had the Lima Bean. Her name is Vanessa Mabel. I haven't seen her in person yet, but she's like a very consternated little kid from the picture they sent. Meh, I"m sure she was just gassy...or hungry...or trying to poop...or something (and that's the second time I've made reference to pooping in this blog. Go ME!) But I called last night (she was a scant 3.5 days old) and Lon sounded like hell...so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy! But Daniella sounded absolutely fine...I wonder if she just keeps punching him every time he falls asleep...because that would be interesting.

In sad news, Mrs and Mr Poochie took down their website. She says it's because I was the only one that looked at it. and I have one question: Are you saying I'm not good enough?

Oh! speaking of Mrs. Poochie! The bachelor starts up again. and for this, I am excited. Not because the bachelor is a good show, but because that means we'll start having girls' night again! YAY for girls!

And as mentioned earlier: Bond's Vacation to Colorado!

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Ross said...

For you readers out there in Internetland, there were no bouts of typhoid, and here's to it staying that way!