Friday, April 28, 2006

Dani's Blog (BB post)

1. If you were looking for a pair of stranglers in New York city and they were looking for you but neither you nor they knew anything about you, inculding names how would you go about finding them? empire state building...probably 9am, noon, 3pm...TOP observation deck. large posters advertising....that or wear something completely outlandish.

2 What smell do you just love? grilling/barbecueing food.

3 list five things that are on your life time goals? 1. own a dog. 2. go to the UK again. 3. Go on a cruise. 4. retire from working at the City. 5. learn to drive stick.

4 do you a five year plan? as far as still working at the City, not really...but then, I guess they would want me to have taken my damn PE by then.

5 What is the biggest turn-off for you? "hey, let's just skip the foreplay"

6 what personality trait do you dislike the most in yourself? not sticking up for myself when I should.

7 What is one of your happiest memories? sitting out in the middle of nowhere in parker eating cupcakes from king soopers and drinking Jones Soda with my was kinda a common theme Junior year of high school.

8 what's your favorite TV show? CSI

9 list three things that are 'odd' about you? 1. i remember weird trivia/dates. 2. I hate to talk in all--any more than 3 people listening to me at once makes me nervous. 3. When I get nervous, I break out in a rash all over my chest/neck.

10 right at this moment, how happy are you with your life (on a scale of 1-10)? 7

11 favorite sandwich? left over turkey from thanksgiving, miracle whip, mustard, lettuce, cheddar cheese slices, a little pepper.

12 What's your favorite acholoic mix drink or shot? Mike's cranberry lemonade.

13 What's your favorite brand of beer? Fat tire.

14 what physical feature of the oppsite sex is your favorite? sense of humor...or rather sarcasm.

15. what physical feature do you like best about yourself? my boobs...or butt.

16. what would you like to do when you retire? travel.

17. what is your biggest regret? not dating more people...or getting drunk more often.

18. what is your favorite time of day? the hour after I get home from work.

19. Whats the best present that you have ever gotten? Grandpa's slide rule from when he was a new engineering kid.

20. If you could meet anyone that is dead who would you pick? Queen Elizabeth...I think, maybe.

21. how did your parents pick your name? do you know what your name would have been if you were born the oppisite sex? They got it from a Soap Opera (Days of our Lives to be exact). I would have been Jared Wesley if I were a boy.

22 would you like your spouse to be smarter than you? sure, in some things.

23. What is more important in picking a mate brains or looks or something else? brains

24. What was the weirdest or worst dream/nightmare you have had? well, the most crazy re-occuring one. Dani and I are little, and we're starting out across a field to go fishing with Grandpa Ben. I get to a drainage ditch, I look down, and there's this large aligator. Dani hasn't seen it, but is further behind me and goes to take a flying leap over the ditch. and that's about when I always wake up. Granted, I haven't had this dream since like 4th grade...but the point is, I remember it.

25 Do you prefer being around men or women? men usually...but I do hang out with a LOT of girls now.

26 What would be the 'perfect evening' for you? melting pot and a movie...that or melting pot and then just sitting outside in the dark for a while.

27.When was your last fight? What caused it and who won? Mom probably...over wedding stuff. I don't remember who won. I think we compromised on it...I got more colors in my bouquet, but not as many as she wanted.

28. What do you most strive for in your life: accomplishment, security, love, power, excitement, knowledge, or something else? knowledge.

29. If money wasn't an issue where would you go on your next vacation? Europe...maybe I'd do the crazy cruise thing that Susan and Jonathan did--take a cruise down to Brazil, travel up the amazon for a while, turn around, go across the ocean and then it turns into a cruise about the mediterranean.

30. Do you judge others by higher or lower standards than you use to judge yourself? depends on what I'm judging them on.


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