Thursday, April 06, 2006


So, Finally, the cats are getting better. IV isn't getting her happy pills, but she doesn't seem that distraught without them, so that's good. Quazi's pus bubble went away it feels like, and he's back to his normal self...climbing trees and being a better alarm clock than our alarm clocks (beep, meow, beep, meow, :::hit the snooze button:::, meow, ..., meow...and you really can't hit a cat...).

And then it happened.

IV came home and her RIGHT eye was clenched shut. That's right, our cat manages to somehow get something in or scratch her OTHER eye. At least this time we have the meds so we're giving her 2 doses of the anti-bacterial and 1 dose of the pupil dilator/pain meds so she doesn't rub her eye.

In other pointless news, I've been wearing cute skirts for the last 2 days because I finally waxed my legs again.

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Dani said...

silly damaged cat