Sunday, April 16, 2006

Delivery Day

Three things:

1. Our Fridge arrived yesterday at about 4 pm. I have posted 2 pictures. One is of the fridge itself--you can see the Easter towel my mom gave me on the oven next to the fridge. The other, is of our 10 pound turkey in the freezer. Obviously you CAN fit a turkey in the freezer.

2. Mom sent us flowers for Easter (Yay!!!). I like flowers. Yep yep yep.

3. Shawn's supervisor at work gave us some tickets he couldn't use to an Austin Wranglers game. Now then, for those of you who haven't seen arena football, it is like the craziest thing ever! First, it's football on a 50 yard field instead of the normal 100 yard. Second, because of this crazy shortened field, everything else is also smaller (except for the players). Third, they have a bunch of break time audience involved stuff--dropping rolled t-shirts from the rafters with parachutes on them and letting some ladies run around with a shopping cart trying to get as many as possible before they hit the ground, a competition between 2 father/son teams to see who can catch the most thrown rubber fish in a net, having a guy stand on the "15" and throw a football through the field goals (keep in mind that the field goals are smaller, and probably lower), and he gets 10 Hooter dollars for every one he makes, etc. Fourth, Texans, they are crazy--the mascot's name is Trigger...They set off fireworks after every touchdown/fieldgoal/conversion done by the Wranglers. And, finally Fifth, there are crazy 1.00 minute rules--apparently there are separate rules that apply in the last minute of the game...I think these exist to make the last football minute last about 30 real minutes.

Also, the Wranglers, they need to get a real mascot--I suggest a miniature horse.

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