Friday, August 31, 2007

Ummm....Holy Crap!

Hey all.

1. Went on the National Weather Service Tour today. That was fun. I learned that the Texas NWS is fully utilizing CoCoRaHS. Which, is only funny because my Grandpa sent me an email about a year ago asking if my division utilized any of the information from CoCoRaHS and it was the first time I had ever even heard of it. So yeah, my Grandpa rules! (I looked at the website...Troy Kimmel is the overall coordinator, and Bob Rose is the specific coordinator for Travis and Williamson County...Okay, I realize that these names mean NOTHING to you if you're not a weather nerd (or FEWS person) in the Austin area)

2. Also, it is my grandparents 51st wedding anniversary today. Happy Anniversary!

3. Father-in-law Bob snagged an interview with some company. Congratulations!

4. That company is in San Antonio.

5. They're flying Bob and Elsie down for Bob to interview next Friday (sept 7th). They (the company) are also hiring a real estate agent to meet with Bob and Elsie to show them the neighborhoods in the area and answer their housing questions. This seems very...optimistic...on the company's part. And expensive. If only because I must assume they are doing this for all of their out-of-town interviewees.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Because it pissed her off so much...

This is the only type of sports article that I read: Top 25 College Mascots

Naturally I sent this article to my CSU alum coworker...

I noticed that Ralphie (CU) made the did Bevo (UT), Reveille (A&M), and the Masked Raider (Texas Tech)...but nowhere on this list did I see CAM (CSU)...
Cam the Ram - Biggest Sac in the WAC. More man than your muffalo will ever be.
"She's a popular girl."
Well...Considering that CSU isn't even in the WAC...
Was up until 1997-1998 season.

I thought about bringing up the fact that their current mascot is a breed of sheep used to make pretty sweaters for the ladies, but I decided I didn't want to send Dana over the edge...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Voice Mails

From my friend and coworker, Colleen:

"Ms. Butler, this is Colleen Kirk with Watershed Engineering calling in regards to a model confirmation request I placed earlier. It is already past the... 24 minute mark in which, I believe, is the standard turn around for these types of requests. As mentioned earlier, I need this information for my review. Please call me back at extension XXXX with details of which model was provided to the consultant. Thank you."

My voice mail back:

"Ms. Kirk, this is Katina Butler from the Watershed Engineering Division returning your phone call. I would like to inform you that I spoke with Ms. Renfro about your earlier request and she concurs that you should tell the consultant to utilize the latest and greatest model for the project of interest. I would have returned your phone call earlier; however, the meeting Ms. Renfro and I were involved with went until 5:30. Please accept my apologies on my late reply. If you have any further questions, or require any more assistance, please let either Ms. Renfro or me know. Thanks, and have a nice day."

Now then, I don't think Colleen knows, but it is quite common for Mr. Kosut and Mr. Janek to leave each other voice mails in the same uber-formal fashion... But I believe the scary part is the fact that two mid-20-year-old girls are acting in the same manner as two mid-50-year-old men... Man...23 years from now Colleen and I are going to OWN THE DIVISION!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fat March

So we started watching this show because nothing else is on Monday nights right now (okay, there are repeats of Heroes...but why watch all of them again when I've already watched them the first time, and then there was the time I watched them online, and then after that I'd watch them with the cast commentary, so...unless you're showing me something new, forget it.).

Anyhoo...Fat March. Right. The whole premise is that they take people that are overweight and literally march them 500+ miles. Every time someone drops out by choice (or gets kicked out by vote) each person that finishes the march gets $10,000 less in prize money. Ergo, it's generally thought to be better to try to keep people in than it is to kick them out (because you get more money in the end, duh.)

However, I've decided that ABC needs to stir up some unnecessary drama by making these people walk insane distances on 'vote out' days. For example, tonight, the episode had the people walk 18 miles in 5 hours (average of 3 miles an hour...keep in mind the average walking speed is 2.5 mph). It's 95 degrees outside, humidity is probably at about 80%, and these people are overweight. Just today 2 of the girls got within spitting distance of 200 lbs. But they're also only like 5'4". Yes, this just sounds like a death waiting to happen. And they've apparently got some rule about an ambulance appearance for each episode (what is this? let's prove how nice paramedics are?). On top of the insane pace they set, they also have a rule that at the end of the vote out legs, the entire team has to make up the amount to distance the loser lost by, i.e. if the person that is the furthest back still has 5 miles to go to the finish line when time is called, the entire team has to walk the 5 miles the next day, unless the vote the person out...So, seems to me that ABC is trying to get away with not paying any prize money...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

6 degrees

So, I don't know how, but I started thinking of John Cleese's "Rhubarb Tart Song". Which, by the way, I haven't ever actually heard until tonight when I Googled it. But yet, I somehow knew of the whole "A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart! Jean-Paul who? Jean-Paul Sartre!"

Then, that made me think of Jean-Paul Sartre (obviously).

Which leads to his story/play "No Exit" which is basically famous for saying "Hell is other people" (freak-ass loner)

But I was supposed to bring in the book for someone at work to read. Now who was it...?


And this is how I ultimately remembered that I need to take that DVD to Matt tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had an eye appointment today. Yep...the actual appointment took maybe 30-45 minutes (including the initial waiting when I first got there). The choosing of the new frames took over an hour. Yay for indecisiveness! And this was even with the optician guy helping me find glasses--at least we had narrowed the selection down to 2 styles and 4 colors in about the first 20 minutes...but it seriously was a draw when it came down to choosing between the 2 styles. Ultimately I decided to go with the style that was least like my current glasses. And both of us lamented the fact that they didn't have any glasses in the style that I liked in tortoiseshell because that would have been awesome.

The best part, of course, is the part where I didn't even NEED new glasses. The doctor told me that my prescription changed slightly, but if I didn't want new glasses, I didn't need to get them. And if I did opt to get new glasses, I should keep my current pair as backups.

Of course, you may ask "how could they possibly know your prescription when the last eye doctor you saw was in Colorado?" The answer, of course, is that they have this nifty little machine that tells you the prescription value of the glasses you're currently wearing.

Also, I found out that if I didn't have Astigmatisms in my eyes, I wouldn't even need glasses.

My current prescription if anyone is wondering:
OD 0, -1.25, x092
OS 0, -1.25, x072

OD means right eye, OS means left eye. the first number is your nearsighted/farsightedness (+ is farsighted, - is nearsighted). The second value is your astigmatism value. The third value is the axis of the astigmatism (this ranges from 0 to 180)

Now then, my new glasses should be ready by September 11. Then, there will be pictures!

Monday, August 20, 2007


So, I lead a very uneventful and boring life. And yet. I insist upon blogging about it...

The other day I told Shawn we were starting to look dumpy (please keep in mind that this is only an assessment from when we first started's the whole "Hey, I got you, now I have to stop working so hard to look hot").

He has taken this to mean that we both need to do daily push-ups, or pull-ups if we're out walking in the greenbelt (which, SUCK. I've got little chicken arms for a reason! Hel-lo!).

He has also taken this to mean no homemade chocolate chip cookies.

At all.

Of course, this isn't that much of a problem for me, as I dislike my chocolate chip cookies. However, the problem is that I LOVE the dough...and this is the main reason I make the chocolate chip cookies. FOR THE DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS DOUGH. And I hardly eat enough dough to equal more than 2 (or 6) actual cookies. But, of course, since he will horde away all the cookies and eat them all, it means I can't make the cookies.

But man, you shoulda seen his freak out when I suggested I make the cookies and then take them all to work.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't worry

I'm not dead. Yet. I've just been busy this week with rain and whatnot. Yep, I'm on call. Yay for Tropical Depression Erin! and next week it's going to be "Yay for Hurricane Dean!"

Anyhow, I've also be searching the interwebs for car ideas. So far: The Mini and the Honda Fit. And possibly the diesel versions of Volkswagen cars. As you can tell, our number one priority (or as John from work would say, "poority") is Gas Mileage. Followed quickly by Not Hybrid. I'd be fine with getting a hybrid, but the fact that you have to get a new battery cell in 8-10 years at a cost of $5000 (which is currently more than both of our cars...COMBINED) makes Shawn want to get something else that will (hopefully) last more than 8 years.

I spent this evening putting together the new cat post. I bought a cat tree from Drs. Foster and Smith for the cats because it's got all three types of scratching post on it (wood, carpet, sisal). So far IV really likes it and has claimed it as hers...which basically means she growls at Quazi any time he gets near it. And she's sleeping in 'her' cradle right now.

okay, I bet the scetti's ready...later. and pray that hurricane dean makes landfall in a place that doesn't give us 10" of rain...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Poor Busted Ass Saturn Part II

My God, I'm surprised this car still works.

It's been what? a week? since my car was in the shop. So, of course that means something has to happen.

And thus, on Tuesday, something did.

I was driving Shawn downtown for NI week. We're toolin' along on 183 and the car starts shifting really hard (and it's an automatic). I say "Why's my car shifting so funny?" and then, immediately, almost like the car was waiting for me to say something, the "Check Engine" light comes on. I exit the highway and drive to the closest parking lot, as I pull in, the power steering goes out (And my God! I had no idea power steering was so necessary). Then all the idiot lights come on. I throw the car into park and turn it off...Shawn said I did it in such a way that it seemed like I seriously believed my car was going to explode if I didn't turn off the car. Right! Now! I let it sit for a little bit and then said "Okay, I am going to turn the key in the ignition, and everything will start up fine and we will have no further problems." And I turn the key, and we drive on to downtown without any other incidences (nor have I had any other incidences since then).

Of course, now I drive like a little old granny. And I'm looking at new cars online. And Shawn's gung-ho about getting a stick shift. Keep in mind that I DON'T DRIVE STICK SHIFT! In fact, I've driven stick a total of 3 times in my life. Once around a parking lot in Parker, and twice around our neighborhood down here. All three times were in Shawn's truck. I think I've stalled out 4 times. Of those 4 times, all 4 were this last time I drove. So, instead of getting BETTER at driving stick, I am apparently getting WORSE. And the boy still wants to get me a stick shift car.

He claims that we just have to take a Friday off, go down and get the car (he'll drive it home), and then I get to drive it all weekend, and magically, I will be a manual transmission driving pro. I don't know....what do you guys think?

I've been Blogrolled!


Also. A work story: Yesterday, Todd, Colleen, and I are all in Colleen's office discussing a project that's under review. Colleen starts up the ArcMap. And it takes forever to load. And we're all just standing there like dorks, staring at the computer, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And then "Sexy Back" comes on the radio. 2 bars in, we all spontaneously start dancing. Yep, that's right. Dancing. At work. Then of course we started laughing hysterically because what are the chances that everyone in a cubicle will start jivin' out to a song at the SAME TIME? I know!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No, I really do hate being a dork

For the 2nd time this week, I grabbed Shawn's digital SLR and went outside to take photos...and for the 2nd time this week I came back inside to download the photos only to find out that the camera didn't have the damn CF card in it. Boourns. I wish the stupid camera, instead of showing you the picture you just took (which won't be saved), would give a blue screen with the message "No CF Card" or whatever.'s okay, practice makes perfect and so all those times I'm framing a shot and trying to make sure it's exposed correctly and what not is just practice for when it really counts. right?

I've been taking a lot of macro photos of things in the garden and yard (including the cats), so if you want to check out the pictures, I suggest taking a gander at my garden blog (link at right). The best thing is that since I'm about the only one that looks at that blog, I'm too lazy to actually really make the pictures look good via editing so they're usually minimally edited.

Monday, August 06, 2007


pictures courtesy of Bob and Elsie:

Bob with MyAm: I call this one "Babies are Delicious"

Nathan with MyAm: I just like this photo...Plus he's wearing a Mortenson shirt. Yes, I used to be an AGC dork.

And the photo you've been waiting for:
"Eggsellent...First Mom and Dad, then the grandparents, then...THE WORLD"

7lbs, 4oz...21"...August 1, 2007...3:15am
(Nathan, correct me if I'm wrong)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Baby Projects 2

Yam's Project: A baby animal book (March 07).

Cole's Project (coworker's baby): Learn to count book (March 07)

MyAm's Project: Bear stuffed animal (me) and matching blanket (made by Shawn) (July 07)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pictures 7-4-07

Not by me this time! Woo!

Proud Papas: Maracu with Yam and Flon with Ma-Belle on July 4th

Ma-Belle on the 4th of July. This is when Kids get cute. When they are mobile of their own volition. Plus, it helps that she smiles--This picture doesn't show the caliber of her smile, she'll scrunch her entire face up at you with this HUGE open mouth grin and then laugh maniacally.

Daniella, Me, Sonja

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


After I posted the last post about Nathan and Christina's baby, Elsie called me back to tell me they decided to change the baby's name. They, i suppose, can change the name as frequently as they want until they write it down on the birth certificate. Anyhow...she was Amelia Rose (Elsie confirmed the spelling), but is now Mya Amelia. And dammit, I can't have 2 Yams. so I shall have to come up with a new nickname...Myaam maybe...I don't know...I'll have to think about that.

I'm an aunt!!!!!

Christina had the baby this 3 this morning to be more precise. Apparently she went to the midwife's at like 1am. They never expected her to deliver within 2 hours. Also, she went the whole delivery without any pain medication. Of the people I know that are having babies, she's the first (to be so brave or to be so completely out of her mind, I'm still trying to decide). Unfortunately Nathan didn't make it down in time (he is on a project that's 3.5 hours away from where they actually live), but, what are you going to do? Christina apparently has a belligerent uterus and it said "Amelia Rose*, you get of of this uterus this instant! And no, we cannot wait until your father is here!"

Anywho....I'd post pictures except my in-laws are living in the stone age and don't have a digital camera**. Thus, I will have to wait (and you too!) until they get the photos developed and scanned in.

*I think that's how it's spelled, Elsie was so out of it she could barely remember what the name was... it sounds like it's either Amelia or Amalia--Elsie kept spelling it with the A, but kept pronouncing it like it was an I guess I'll just have to wait until the email finally arrives showing how it is correctly spelled.

**They do too have a digital camera. Elsie just refuses to use it because she claims it's a cheap piece of crap. Yes, that's right, when you buy the "Buy this digital camera, get a printer for free!" deal, it's the camera that's a piece of crap instead of the printer.)

Poor Busted Ass Saturn

that's right, my saturn is busted assed...again.

I called in sick because of a migraine (luckily, my symptoms of a migraine usually are just a sensitivity to light (and my eyes hurt--like it hurts to keep them open, I have to close them...and preferably be laying down) and loud noises, with a killer headache and sleep usually fixes it right up). [Aside] odd...some people would say those are the symptoms of a hang over...but I was not hungover...actually, i don't think i've ever been hung over...but that's probably because i tend not to get smashed off my ass [/Aside]. After I call in, I decide I should go get some pain killers. Right before I leave to go to the store, I say to myself "Self go mail off the baby package." I grab the baby package, get out the door and then drive to the UPS store. I mail off said package. I get back to my car. I turn the key. Click. "NO NO NO!" Turn the key again. Click. "DAMMIT"

I call Shawn. He says "Call AAA" so I do. Their service isn't working--it keeps telling me to hang up and call the number on my card. I call Shawn back and explain what just happened. So he leaves work to come to the UPS store to jump start the battery. It won't jump start. So, we take the battery out of the car and drive it to Sears to get a new battery. Bad news: The battery is fine. Shit. So we drive back to the car, replace the battery and call AAA again. (Keep in mind that by this time I'm a cranky whore-bitch and am about ready to cry, or to lay down in the middle of the parking lot and die). This time the service works (thank God! I was about to cry, or lay down in the middle of the parking lot and die). They say someone will be out in an hour to tow the car. An hour comes, an hour goes...the tow truck shop calls back to say the tow truck is running a little behind and "A truck will be there in 15minutes, half an hour." Another hour later I call the tow truck company. The guy tells me that there will definitely be a tow truck out there soon. Half an hour later the truck shows up. That's right, we waited outside for 3 hours. Thankfully I found old pain meds in my purse somewhere around hour one so the killer headache was gone, and laying on a street bench by the bookstore in the shade at least got my eyes to stop hurting, but I was still beat.

We finally got home around 3 and both crashed for a nap. Now, I feel a lot better...Aside from the fact that I have to get up early to go catch the bus to make it to work tomorrow.