Friday, August 31, 2007

Ummm....Holy Crap!

Hey all.

1. Went on the National Weather Service Tour today. That was fun. I learned that the Texas NWS is fully utilizing CoCoRaHS. Which, is only funny because my Grandpa sent me an email about a year ago asking if my division utilized any of the information from CoCoRaHS and it was the first time I had ever even heard of it. So yeah, my Grandpa rules! (I looked at the website...Troy Kimmel is the overall coordinator, and Bob Rose is the specific coordinator for Travis and Williamson County...Okay, I realize that these names mean NOTHING to you if you're not a weather nerd (or FEWS person) in the Austin area)

2. Also, it is my grandparents 51st wedding anniversary today. Happy Anniversary!

3. Father-in-law Bob snagged an interview with some company. Congratulations!

4. That company is in San Antonio.

5. They're flying Bob and Elsie down for Bob to interview next Friday (sept 7th). They (the company) are also hiring a real estate agent to meet with Bob and Elsie to show them the neighborhoods in the area and answer their housing questions. This seems very...optimistic...on the company's part. And expensive. If only because I must assume they are doing this for all of their out-of-town interviewees.

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Jon said...

Do CoCoRahs have chocolate marshmellows in them?