Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No, I really do hate being a dork

For the 2nd time this week, I grabbed Shawn's digital SLR and went outside to take photos...and for the 2nd time this week I came back inside to download the photos only to find out that the camera didn't have the damn CF card in it. Boourns. I wish the stupid camera, instead of showing you the picture you just took (which won't be saved), would give a blue screen with the message "No CF Card" or whatever.'s okay, practice makes perfect and so all those times I'm framing a shot and trying to make sure it's exposed correctly and what not is just practice for when it really counts. right?

I've been taking a lot of macro photos of things in the garden and yard (including the cats), so if you want to check out the pictures, I suggest taking a gander at my garden blog (link at right). The best thing is that since I'm about the only one that looks at that blog, I'm too lazy to actually really make the pictures look good via editing so they're usually minimally edited.

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