Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm an aunt!!!!!

Christina had the baby this 3 this morning to be more precise. Apparently she went to the midwife's at like 1am. They never expected her to deliver within 2 hours. Also, she went the whole delivery without any pain medication. Of the people I know that are having babies, she's the first (to be so brave or to be so completely out of her mind, I'm still trying to decide). Unfortunately Nathan didn't make it down in time (he is on a project that's 3.5 hours away from where they actually live), but, what are you going to do? Christina apparently has a belligerent uterus and it said "Amelia Rose*, you get of of this uterus this instant! And no, we cannot wait until your father is here!"

Anywho....I'd post pictures except my in-laws are living in the stone age and don't have a digital camera**. Thus, I will have to wait (and you too!) until they get the photos developed and scanned in.

*I think that's how it's spelled, Elsie was so out of it she could barely remember what the name was... it sounds like it's either Amelia or Amalia--Elsie kept spelling it with the A, but kept pronouncing it like it was an I guess I'll just have to wait until the email finally arrives showing how it is correctly spelled.

**They do too have a digital camera. Elsie just refuses to use it because she claims it's a cheap piece of crap. Yes, that's right, when you buy the "Buy this digital camera, get a printer for free!" deal, it's the camera that's a piece of crap instead of the printer.)

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Ross said...

Hey, congratulations on becoming an aunt, at least there was a plus side to the day!