Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't worry

I'm not dead. Yet. I've just been busy this week with rain and whatnot. Yep, I'm on call. Yay for Tropical Depression Erin! and next week it's going to be "Yay for Hurricane Dean!"

Anyhow, I've also be searching the interwebs for car ideas. So far: The Mini and the Honda Fit. And possibly the diesel versions of Volkswagen cars. As you can tell, our number one priority (or as John from work would say, "poority") is Gas Mileage. Followed quickly by Not Hybrid. I'd be fine with getting a hybrid, but the fact that you have to get a new battery cell in 8-10 years at a cost of $5000 (which is currently more than both of our cars...COMBINED) makes Shawn want to get something else that will (hopefully) last more than 8 years.

I spent this evening putting together the new cat post. I bought a cat tree from Drs. Foster and Smith for the cats because it's got all three types of scratching post on it (wood, carpet, sisal). So far IV really likes it and has claimed it as hers...which basically means she growls at Quazi any time he gets near it. And she's sleeping in 'her' cradle right now.

okay, I bet the scetti's ready...later. and pray that hurricane dean makes landfall in a place that doesn't give us 10" of rain...

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