Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Poor Busted Ass Saturn

that's right, my saturn is busted assed...again.

I called in sick because of a migraine (luckily, my symptoms of a migraine usually are just a sensitivity to light (and my eyes hurt--like it hurts to keep them open, I have to close them...and preferably be laying down) and loud noises, with a killer headache and sleep usually fixes it right up). [Aside] odd...some people would say those are the symptoms of a hang over...but I was not hungover...actually, i don't think i've ever been hung over...but that's probably because i tend not to get smashed off my ass [/Aside]. After I call in, I decide I should go get some pain killers. Right before I leave to go to the store, I say to myself "Self go mail off the baby package." I grab the baby package, get out the door and then drive to the UPS store. I mail off said package. I get back to my car. I turn the key. Click. "NO NO NO!" Turn the key again. Click. "DAMMIT"

I call Shawn. He says "Call AAA" so I do. Their service isn't working--it keeps telling me to hang up and call the number on my card. I call Shawn back and explain what just happened. So he leaves work to come to the UPS store to jump start the battery. It won't jump start. So, we take the battery out of the car and drive it to Sears to get a new battery. Bad news: The battery is fine. Shit. So we drive back to the car, replace the battery and call AAA again. (Keep in mind that by this time I'm a cranky whore-bitch and am about ready to cry, or to lay down in the middle of the parking lot and die). This time the service works (thank God! I was about to cry, or lay down in the middle of the parking lot and die). They say someone will be out in an hour to tow the car. An hour comes, an hour goes...the tow truck shop calls back to say the tow truck is running a little behind and "A truck will be there in 15minutes, half an hour." Another hour later I call the tow truck company. The guy tells me that there will definitely be a tow truck out there soon. Half an hour later the truck shows up. That's right, we waited outside for 3 hours. Thankfully I found old pain meds in my purse somewhere around hour one so the killer headache was gone, and laying on a street bench by the bookstore in the shade at least got my eyes to stop hurting, but I was still beat.

We finally got home around 3 and both crashed for a nap. Now, I feel a lot better...Aside from the fact that I have to get up early to go catch the bus to make it to work tomorrow.


Ross said...

Hmmm, starter maybe? Could be a loose or poorly grounded battery cable as well, maybe check that out first as it's cheap :) Sorry it was such a bummer of a day, though.

Anonymous said...

:( sad day for you... :( hopefully it will be better soon.