Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had an eye appointment today. Yep...the actual appointment took maybe 30-45 minutes (including the initial waiting when I first got there). The choosing of the new frames took over an hour. Yay for indecisiveness! And this was even with the optician guy helping me find glasses--at least we had narrowed the selection down to 2 styles and 4 colors in about the first 20 minutes...but it seriously was a draw when it came down to choosing between the 2 styles. Ultimately I decided to go with the style that was least like my current glasses. And both of us lamented the fact that they didn't have any glasses in the style that I liked in tortoiseshell because that would have been awesome.

The best part, of course, is the part where I didn't even NEED new glasses. The doctor told me that my prescription changed slightly, but if I didn't want new glasses, I didn't need to get them. And if I did opt to get new glasses, I should keep my current pair as backups.

Of course, you may ask "how could they possibly know your prescription when the last eye doctor you saw was in Colorado?" The answer, of course, is that they have this nifty little machine that tells you the prescription value of the glasses you're currently wearing.

Also, I found out that if I didn't have Astigmatisms in my eyes, I wouldn't even need glasses.

My current prescription if anyone is wondering:
OD 0, -1.25, x092
OS 0, -1.25, x072

OD means right eye, OS means left eye. the first number is your nearsighted/farsightedness (+ is farsighted, - is nearsighted). The second value is your astigmatism value. The third value is the axis of the astigmatism (this ranges from 0 to 180)

Now then, my new glasses should be ready by September 11. Then, there will be pictures!

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yes!!! pictures :)