Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Voice Mails

From my friend and coworker, Colleen:

"Ms. Butler, this is Colleen Kirk with Watershed Engineering calling in regards to a model confirmation request I placed earlier. It is already past the... 24 minute mark in which, I believe, is the standard turn around for these types of requests. As mentioned earlier, I need this information for my review. Please call me back at extension XXXX with details of which model was provided to the consultant. Thank you."

My voice mail back:

"Ms. Kirk, this is Katina Butler from the Watershed Engineering Division returning your phone call. I would like to inform you that I spoke with Ms. Renfro about your earlier request and she concurs that you should tell the consultant to utilize the latest and greatest model for the project of interest. I would have returned your phone call earlier; however, the meeting Ms. Renfro and I were involved with went until 5:30. Please accept my apologies on my late reply. If you have any further questions, or require any more assistance, please let either Ms. Renfro or me know. Thanks, and have a nice day."

Now then, I don't think Colleen knows, but it is quite common for Mr. Kosut and Mr. Janek to leave each other voice mails in the same uber-formal fashion... But I believe the scary part is the fact that two mid-20-year-old girls are acting in the same manner as two mid-50-year-old men... Man...23 years from now Colleen and I are going to OWN THE DIVISION!

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Ross said...

Nice response, Katina! You should start knocking things off Colleen's desk next :)