Friday, March 10, 2006

que interesante

so, usually, I think there is only ONE person who reads this blog, and for that, I thank you Dani. BUT because of MySpace, one of my 'boyfriends' from middle school has read at least a few of the earlier entries (Thanks Troy!). And I know that variously throughout the last 2 months, some of my other friends have read this as well (Girls, you're awesome). But there is a bit of quandry. The other day I noticed that I had a new comment posted about the "Things that do not look good in a one-sie" entry.

Anonymous said...

"Good comments. But, I do not agree with most of them. People sure have a lot of time on their hands."

Now then, I must admit that I am somewhat confused--Good Comments as in "good blogs"? or Good Comments as in "good comments"--you know the things that people say about my blogs--so Dani, the only person to actually make comments about my blogs, makes good comments? I don't know. But that does bring us to the second sentence. So, if we assume that the first part of my statement is true, then it implies that Anonymous thinks that bagel sized tumors look good in a One-sie...all....right. But if we go with assuming that they meant Dani's comments, then that means that they don't want Shawn's grandpa or mother to get better...which... is still bad. Interesting what type of people there are on the internet isn't it? And the last part, I don't see how that can really apply to Dani, unless it's that she's got lots of free time because she has time to read my pointless blatherings. So therefore we'll assume that they're saying that I have alot of free time. And I suppose I do. I have a job, I have a house, I have a husband (who works much later than I do--when do you think I write these things?), and I have cats...they're not exactly high-maintenance. So, I've usually got about 4 hours every night and 8 hours each day on the weekend to do what ever the hell I want (and yes, that's accounting for cooking dinner, taking care of the car, cleaning the house every weekend, etc).

Perhaps they're just jealous because I apparently type fast...well, I do think that I would be able to cut all these blogs in half, if I actually took the time to think and to edit...but that would increase the time that I spend on these things exponentially.

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Dani said...

mmmm maybe Anonymous thought your comments/blogs as a whole is interesting. Or maybe Anonymous was lost and just posted somewhere he didn't want to. Anonymous must also be one of those people who has 'alot of time on his hands' because clearly anyone who is busy wouldn't go to stranger's blogs and comment... Or maybe Anonymous was just upset that his parents couldn't name him anything worthwhile and therefore didn't leave a name.