Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Like Sands through the Hour Glass...

So, are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Things recently about Days (please take note that I do NOT watch this show...ever)

1. My parents got my name from the show. Yep...Baby Katina. She was on in the early eighties for aparently like a nano-second.

2. My mom used to do daycare, and so, when I was allowed to not take naps anymore, I had to help fold laundry. Funny, mom made sure that our nap hour coincided with Days.

3. About a month after I started helping to fold the laundry, they killed off my favorite character; Patch. I was sad. I remember asking mom why they would do such a thing. She said it made for better stories.

4. The next day they aired the 'funeral'. At the end, some guys came out and switched the coffins! Yay Patch lives! But then they never brought him back. We went through the Roman isn't Roman, he's John; Marlena is possessed by the Devil (that was awesome); Isabella is killed off; the old guy (Tom I think) actually dies in real life so they had to kill him off in the show; Jack gets replaced, and then later the original Jack is brought back to replace Interim Jack; and then I stopped watching--hey, 1st grade started!

5. Yesterday, while watching "Last Comic Standing" there was a comercial for Days. And they're bringing back PATCH!

6. Thus proving that the world in which Soap Operas occur that anything can, and in all likelyhood; will, happen.

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Dani said...

they're bring back Patch!!! SWEET. btw, your name didn't come from Days, it came from another soap opera mom watched before days.