Thursday, January 12, 2006

So, 6 weeks you care.

Well, I joined haven't really done much there...but I did find some of my friends from high school--which is awesome. I'm beginning to think that that's what myspace is for.

But, on to other things. :)

nothing much has happened--while I was writing the last post, our kitten managed to
get himself stuck in the neighbor's tree. So, I spent the next hour or so after the last blog coaxing him out of it. To top it off, he had managed to slip his collar so I had to go spend another $8 to get him a new collar and tag.

We did get the flea meds, and they have helped DRASTICALLY with IV's FAD (flea allergy dermatitis). Of course, the biggest problem with FAD is that 2 flea bites a month can cause a cat to lick off all their fur. Which, obviously, is the stage we're at right now--she'll get better for about 2 weeks after we put on the flea stuff, then she'll get bitten by one flea (which, I assume then dies), and she'll lick off all her fur...again. And so, this has been the cycle for the last two months.

I still haven't gone to a dentist because I'm lazy.

Hmm, we had Thanksgiving--we went to our friend's house instead of making the long trip back to Colorado. It was a blast. Then there were the Christmas parties...which were fun as well--I got to finally meet all the people that Shawn works with...some of them seem a little nerdy...but then, what am I talking about? Shawn's a nerd--we do have like 6 computers in this house, and I am currently using the ONLY one that doesn't use a linux operating system.

For Christmas, Shawn's parents came down. It was nice to see them (not to mention that they brought down all of my stuff from my parents house). Shawn and I became gourmet cooks while they were down here--Spaghetti, Garlic Chicken, Lamb...and I also think that our waterbill had to have skyrocketted because we were running the damn dishwasher every day.

New Years...yep, new years...we stayed home. we watched a movie. we missed midnight by 15 minutes. oops. We WERE supposed to go to a party, but we didn't feel right going to a party that was being held at a house where the owners were out of felt kinda like high school...or like an 80's movie.

Which brings us to last weekend...LAST WEEKEND! we went backpacking--fun...until my cold kicked in and I was up the ENTIRE FREAKING NIGHT blowing my nose/sneezing. That part? Not so fun. We left the next day and while we were hiking out of the park we saw 2 live ARMADILLOS! it was AWESOME! I love armadillos...they're like armor plated raccoons. Then we went to look at furniture. So we got a new bedroom set. I promise to post pictures soon.

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