Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Alright, so, we'll start at the begining
1. I had to go to the doctor a few weeks ago. The test results came back. Abnormal Squamous Cells, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, High Bloodpressure, Low Potassium. Yep, I'm 24 and I'm gonna die.
2. While eating my sub sandwich last night I was apparently chewing funny and managed to chip my tooth on another tooth. It's not bad, but still...now I HAVE to go to the dentist.
3. Figured out that our cat, who has been itching like mad for the last two months and has licked herself bald on her stomach, butt, and legs has fleas. Which means the other cat has fleas. which means that we're going to be de-flea-ing our house for the next 2 weeks or so.
4. Went to the doctor this morning to be told that I'm gonna die. Although, she was at least nice about it and decided to wait to draw more blood. But what irked me was how many people I had to go through to get out of the building--they make you pay when you first get there, but the doctor had given me a yellow slip that I was supposed to give to the front desk so that they could make my appointment for followup tests in 3 months. The lady at the check in counter made me go to the referal desk, and they made me go to the checkout desk, all this to be told by the lady at the checkout desk that they do not make appointments 3 months in advance because they don't know when doctors will be on vacation. Couldn't they have told me that at the Front desk?!?!? And what's more, I made the appointment at 7:40 in the morning so that I wouldn't be late to work, and what do you know, they kept me there for almost an hour, so I was still late to work.
5. While at work, I called the vet to ask about flea meds for the cats (since it's pretty obvious that the bald one has FAD, which pretty much means she's allergic to fleas, which means that she's probably allergic to other things we don't know about). The vet pretty much says that they've got some stuff at the vet office and all I have to do is come get it this evening. So, I leave work early (mind you, I got there late, and worked through my lunch to make up for it), fight my way through traffic, and arrive at the vet office at 5:55, knowing that they close at 6. I see that there are still people inside, standing around chatting, and I did tell the lady that I'd be there around 6, if not at exactly 6, so I figure that this will be easy. Nope, WRONG! they're closed for the night and I have to come back tomorrow morning at 7:30 to pick up my damn flea medication that's sitting there on the freaking COUNTER! Now I'm fulling expecting the vet tech lady to call me tonight and ask why I didn't come pick up the flea meds.


I'm now going to go make cookie dough...at least Marilyn Vos Savant says that raw cookie dough has slightly less calories than the baked cookies.

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