Thursday, November 03, 2005

So...I really don't plan to blog much...just had to join in order to post on Alison's blog (Mrs. Poochie to you). But I figured that I would at least write one...just so I can say that I did it.

So, as one of Alison's posts was about what she regretted about her wedding, I suppose I can do one as well.

We finally sat down and went through our 1000+ wedding photos from the photographers. They're pretty darn good. I wish I had been paying more attention so that I could get more of the photos that I wanted, but not too big of a deal.

Some of the things that I was really glad about: Choosing a Bahai'i reading for the ceremony, my shoes (they were comfy and they looked good), my dress (but not the slip, it kept well, slipping), my grandma dancing the night away, dancing with everyone AND I'm damn glad I took my own photos--they're pretty cool really. I'm also really glad that I had Jesse drive me to the wedding place and having Matt drive us to the hotel afterwards. And I'm actually glad we didn't do a "grand leaving" mostly because it seemed to be good closure for me to help clean up.

Some of the things that could have gone better: Shawn and I chose our song for the first dance from a movie, it was about 4.5 minutes long...that's long to just be dancing in small circles alternately changing directions to avoid getting too dizzy...I should have eaten more food, it was good, I just wasn't into it. AND Shawn and I should have had some of our own wedding cake.

In the words of a very smart person:
Ta-ta for now.

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