Thursday, March 22, 2007

the past

So, this last weekend we went to Colorado for a wedding. It was a good wedding. And at said wedding, Jon (from Grinder Bikes) pointed out that I never mentioned on this blog that I was going to said wedding and that I probably should have. At the time I thought to myself "yeah, you're right, why DIDN'T I post that we were going to go to this wedding?" Then about 3 days later I remembered why: Because we were going to be away from our house. And because of my mom's neurosis about giving too much information on the internet, I am scared to post anything about when we will be away from our house for extended periods of time.

This of course brings up the memory of when we made our website for OUR wedding...Shawn's mom thought we should have put down our address so people could mail wedding gifts to us. and I do remember saying "yes, that's a brilliant idea: We've already posted when and where the wedding is, now let's post our home address so all the robbers can come to our house while we're away and burgle the house. Brilliant."

But, Jon, you're right, I should have at least posted that Jesse and Kristie were getting married.

By the way HI CAROL!!!! And pictures to be posted shortly on our regular website.

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Jon said...

Well, I was thrilled to see you there. Just never make another move in life without notifying me, first!