Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Catchphrases of the week

So the other night, Shawn and I couldn't fall asleep (we're still on Vacation time, not Austin time), and so we started talking. Our conversation included how he's the Nathan of our family (see previous entry) and he was the one that made the connection, not me. But I digress. Our conversation also included how Miss Sarah and her lovely hubby requested an "A", a "M" and a "Y" wood letters for their baby room, and thus, obviously the baby's name is Yam...Yam Marcus.

Oops, I digress, again!!!

The catch phrases, right!

Catchphrase one: "Cat-popsickle-stick?" for when someone is asking a question that makes no sense
Catchphrase two: "You're not listening. That's okay." for when someone isn't listening. Duh. But this one at least has a funny story associated with it: back in CO, Shawn and I went to dinner with my family, and dad was telling a story about how he met someone famous when he was in Vegas (some husband and wife who are really good poker players). and then my sister, who hasn't been paying attention, is like "who were the people you met in Vegas?h" and dad turns to her and says "You're not listening, that's okay." The best part: she continues to not listen and does the same thing like 2 minutes later. And then again the next night...another 2 times. Okay, maybe it's not as funny to you as it is to me. psh.

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Dani said...

I feel the love. it wasn't like I was actively not listening... it takes too much work to listen in resturants these days... too many other things going on.
Yum uh? that poor kid