Saturday, September 03, 2011

Small World

It's a small world.

While I was off taking pictures in Emmitsburg, Maryland, Shawn was off doing Linux nerd stuff in Vancouver, Canada.  He was out there with the person whom I consider his 'best friend at work', Robert.  While they were out there, the discussion of where they grew up came about.  Robert said, "oh a small town called Parker in Colorado."  Shawn said, "me too!"  (as there was only one high school in town until 1997, they also went to the same school) Shawn said something about how he was in the marching band and Robert stated, "me too!" But, alas, Robert had graduated a year or two before Shawn was in high school so there was never any overlap.

After they came back state-side, Shawn remembered that his sister graduated a year or two before he went to high school.  And that's when it dawned on him.  He knew Robert.  Or at least, knew OF Robert.

You see, Robert was the only boy in the clarinet section when his sister was in marching band.  And Shawn only remembered this because of the fact that his sister also played clarinet.

So, there you go, small world.

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