Thursday, September 06, 2012


I learned something about myself this last weekend whilst in San Diego...

Wait, let me explain.  We went to San Diego.  I tend not to mention things of this ilk (aka vacations) on my blog or on facebook or anywhere really.  It's mostly because I don't like advertising that we'll be away from our house for extended periods of time.  All this because when I was in middle school, my dad created a website and posted EVERYTHING on it.  Address, our next planned vacation, our names, our ages, our favorite colors and the names of our pets.  My mom made him remove most of that.  And so, lesson learned, I never post anything about future plans unless they are way off in the future.

So anyway, we're in San Diego and there's this "Festival of Sail" going on with tours of old timey boats (which we didn't do - I was game, but Shawn wasn't...something about spending $40/person on the zoo and $100 on kayaking that made him not want to spend more money).  At said Festival of Sail, there were food vendors and arts and crafts vendors.  My two favorite arts and crafts vendors were
  1. A vendor who upcycled beer bottles into glasses, liquor bottles into lamps and wine bottles into cheese boards, and
  2. A vendor who upcycled old boat sails into bags.
As I was contemplating which boat sail bag to get (I got the one with a blue anchor on it, though I should have gotten the one with a pink dolphin tail), I realized something.  I am a sucker for upcycled things. My favorite necklaces are ones that are made out of bottle caps.  I bought my sister a seat belt purse for Christmas a few years back because I really wanted one but couldn't justify spending $75 on a purse.  I make gifts for my coworkers out of bottle caps, wine corks, and tourist maps.

Yep, total sucker for upcycling.

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Jon said...

I usually wrap gifts in road maps, myself...