Monday, October 01, 2012

White Rabbit

One of the things my mom told me growing up was that one was to say "white rabbit" upon waking in the morning on the first of the month (some people just say 'rabbit' and others say 'jackrabbit'.  You were to say this so that you would have good luck throughout the month.  Now then, of course the rule is that 'white rabbit' must be the first words uttered in the morning on the first.  My dad used to get around this by just grunting and moaning every morning until my mom would start talking to him since if it was the first of the month, the first words she'd say upon anyone waking up was "Did you say 'white rabbit'?!"

Anyhow.  I still try to say 'white rabbit' on the first of the month; and I did so this morning.

And today was a perfectly fine day.  But then I tripped and fell while running and have roadrash all over my thigh, a few gashes on my hip and hands and my knee is scraped up.  But I didn't break any bones.  See!  the system works!

1 comment:

Roberta said...

Wow! It obviously worked because you didn't have any stress fractures or a flipped meniscus or a torn ACL. I'm totally stealing this!