Saturday, November 17, 2012


This year, for Christmas shopping, I'm going to challenge myself to either buy local, or buy American made.  I have to put in that extra caveat because there are some things that are practically impossible to find American made (e.g. electronic goods, plastics, etc.)

So...Yeah...we'll see how well this goes - I already know that Shawn thinks I'm crazy, and it's not like he likes christmas shopping to begin with.

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Bond said...

Awesome! Good luck! Except for my dad/stepmom who have already specified exactly what they want, I am doing all homemade gifts this year (homemade pancake mix and similar such things). That and the vacation house for David's family. I also told them all they could just bring food/alcohol and dispense with the gift giving to us, but who knows if they'll listen! After moving and getting rid of hundreds of dollars of Christmas gifts we never really used (and realizing they probably don't use everything we buy them) made me realize I'm done with traditional gifts. But special food and drink are always great gifts to give and receive!!!