Friday, February 08, 2013

Cook Club: Week 4

After last week's Mac and Cheese, we decided to make the other Mac and Cheese recipe in the same cookbook (skillet mac and cheese).

It was a disappointment.  It was perfectly cheesy, but the mouth-feel was gritty.  I'm not really sure why (other than I figure it was the cheddar cheese).  So even though the other recipe, Potluck Baked Mac and Cheese, does take an extra 20 minutes and dirties an extra container, it's a much, MUCH better recipe.  Plus, if you plan it right, the container you put in the oven can be used to keep the left overs.  And that recipe made good left overs.  Honestly, this recipe was worse than just making Kraft or Velveeta Mac and Cheese.   Will I ever make this again? No.  1/5 (it was edible, and we did eat all the left overs, but that was out of laziness, not because they were good).

(also, no picture because, while I did take a picture, it just looks like cheese soup).

More importantly, on Saturday we ate at Spin: Modern Thai Cuisine.  Holy Amazeballs, Batman. I think we just found ourselves a new go-to sit down restaurant. 5/5

We didn't get any appetizers, Shawn had the Belly on Fire (Panko breaded pork belly) and I had the Panang Curry Fettuccine.  We also didn't get any drinks or dessert.  But we sat at the bar and got to watch all the food be made, the guys doing expediting and veg were very nice, kept asking us if there was anything else they could get us, etc.  Next time I think I'm going to try the Chrysanthemum tea.  mmmm....tea....

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Bond said...

I saw a review of that Spin place. Sounds good!