Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cook Club: Week 16

Not really a new recipe this week, just an old recipe with a twist.

I've been making a fettuccine with feta and chicken (modified) recipe for a while now.  It includes, as the name would imply, fettuccine, feta and chicken.  It also includes a can of diced tomatoes, white wine and a crapload of spinach.  Since we have a Swiss Chard plant, but with no idea of what to make with it, I opted to switch out the spinach (which I would have had to purchase) with the chard.  It worked well, but I think I like the spinach a little better - less of the "generic bitter green" flavor.  Of course, that being said, the left overs tasted exactly like those made with spinach; but this is likely because the spinach in the left overs takes on a very "generic bitter greens" flavor.

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