Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I've become obsessed with this weekend and watched Underworld: Evolution, the entire first season of Sliders, and two episodes of The Baby Borrowers.

There are some things I've learned...such as the Underworld series truly is horrible, but I'll still watch it because Kate Beckinsale is a badass in those movies. I've learned that TV special effects in the mid nineties was deplorable...If you don't believe me, watch the beginning of Sliders' "Prince of Wails" and then tell me you think otherwise. Also, if you want to convince a bunch of teens not to have babies (which really, can we say that 18-20 year olds aren't old enough to be making their own life decisions?), you have to make them keep the baby for longer than 3 days.

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Ross said...

I did like Sliders, but you're right about the special effects being sucky. If you've been watching Hulu, let me make a pitch for watching Arrested Development again, damn funny show.