Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Snake Bite

No, I did not get bitten by a snake. I just was scared half out of my mind last night that I was going to be bit.

Okay, let me explain.

For the backstory on why I would possibly think there'd be a snake in the house, you should probably read the first and last paragraphs of my Garden Blog post Here.

And so, last night after we went to bed, IV was wandering around the house mewing loudly. In the past I used to think that she did it because she was looking for something, and she always comes a runnin' when I say something to her. Ultimately, after watching her meowing at lizards outside in the same manner, I realized that she actually meows loudly when she's got a prize.

In my sleep induced state, I yelled something out to the effect of "IV! we're in the bedroom!" And I hear this jingle jangle of her running to the bed and she jumps up and comes over to get her pets. As she's snuggling with me, I suddenly think "oh god, no, she was meowing like she had some great prize. OHDEARGOD. DO NOT TELL ME SHE BROUGHT WHATEVER IT IS ON THE BED WITH HER!" So then I laid there in bed debating on what to do about the possibility of having a snake or a roach or some other undesirable on the bed right next to me. I think I quickly made some sweeping motions with my hands, hoped that I had knocked whatever off of the bed, and then convinced myself that as soon as she heard me call her, she would have dropped whatever she was carrying and come running.

This morning I woke up and found out she had been carrying her purple feathers around the house last night.

Disaster averted.


Jon said...

You know, I actually caught a garden snake in my house, last winter. They live in the crawlspace, during the summer, so I figure he must have come in when it started getting cold.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Yeah...that story is adorable. And it's a totally true fact that cats meow louder (and in a different pitch) when they've got a prize. Mao does it with my bras.