Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Phone

Image from Best Buy's website

Today, Shawn and I decided to spend 3 hours at the Best Buy and get ourselves some new phones.

Normally it should not take 3 hours to get new phones--just so you know.

It all started on Friday when my coworker texted Shawn that my phone was ancient and I needed a new phone. (Okay, it didn't really start on Friday, it started on November 6 when Verizon released the Droid.) Shawn texted back saying we would likely work on it this weekend.

Today, after talking to the most affected family members (that is, Shawn's mom since she's on our family plan), we printed the Sears deal on the Droid ($149 with 2-year contract instead of the normal $199 with 2-year contract), and headed off to Best Buy as they do price matching.

We got to Best Buy and sat down with our sales guy. This is when the problems started--some of it could have been because we were transferring our current numbers and we were also switching from Shawn being primary to me being primary. So we sit there for half an hour filling out forms and then we get to the credit check which ends up requiring the copying of my social security card. After a 20 minute trip home and back, we sit down again, re-fill out the application, wait for the credit check...and wait....and wait....and let's go fax all the stuff to Verizon...okay, and wait some more...alright, let's call them to see what's taking so long...and 20 minutes later they tell us to re-fax the information because it was illegible when it was sent the first time. So there is re-faxing...more calling...more waiting...and more waiting...and after 2 hours, FINALLY they decide I must be who I say I am. After that, everything went quickly, except that Best Buy still didn't have it in the system that Droids could opt for a data plan that wasn't the executive one (yay! another call to the help desk at Verizon), AND it also hasn't been added to their "transfer all contact info from one phone to another" doohicky machine.

But, I'm very happy with the service from Best Buy (Adam in particular) and I guess, to an extent, I'm even okay with Verizon--if only because they were doing due diligence to make sure I am me--otherwise it's a very scary concept that we could have just walked into any cell phone store location and said "yes, I'd like to get my current number, which is XXX to be on this phone, with this new carrier." There's no guarantee that the person coming in would be honest and suddenly, you're phone can be hijacked by someone else. What a fun thought. Of course, we were told it was because of 9/11 that they were being so persnickety. Which...okay...but if that's the case, how do you explain the fact that you sell prepaid disposable phones which require no credit check and no contract--what to they require instead, a blood sample, semen sample, and promise of your first born child?

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