Friday, February 26, 2010

So much

So much has actually happened in the last week. Not to me, personally, but big things were afoot.

First on Thursday there was the whole thing with the guy and the airplane and the IRS and the the firetrucks and the weewoo, weewoo, weewoo. and the fact that at work we were glued to the TV for 2 hours straight wondering if we should even be in our building, or you know, maybe going home.

Then I spent all day Saturday reading a book.

Sunday, Shawn and I went to MaBelle's house. There are pictures somewhere of Shawn and me with the kids (MaBelle and her brother, Meegle). I will get a copy of this picture and put it on my desk next to the computer so it will confuse the hell out of people when they come to my office. It will be glorious. Also, MaBelle decided it would be fun to call Shawn "Daddy" for a bit. IF there were any plans for kids in our future, they have officially been pushed back at least 5 years.

Monday...uh, Oh yeah! I ran hills. Fun. And came to the realization with the help of some coworkers that since our interns and temps are counted as 'half a person' for budgeting reasons, it effectively makes them worth less than slaves in 1860.

Tuesday it snowed. Actual SNOW in some places even. So once again, work was a bust because a) we were watching it snow, and b) they let us out early because it was snowing. Some good pictures can be seen here

On Wednesday I talked to my mom and laughed a lot because she said email was the new hip thing in 2001. (we were talking about social networking, texting, faceyspaces, twitter, and what have you). Also we at at Moonie's Burger House on Anderson Mill at 183. I liked it. I think we shall eat there again sometime. Though maybe not on Wednesday because it was packed...because of the live music.

Yesterday was once again boring.

Today I wore a skirt. with heels. and tights. I know, hell hath frozeth over.

Yep. I'm ready for another boring week, but Restaurant Week starts on Monday. And this year they're doing LUNCHES. I may have to broaden my culinary horizons.


Lon said...

where did these nicknames come from and why am I first hearing/reading them on your blog?

katina said...

Nicknames came about because when your daughter was born, your wife made me promise that if I ever posted any pictures I was not allowed to use her name, or even intimate where you guys lived. I guessed it was the "overprotective mother-bear rawr!" thing, but figured it was better to comply than not, since your kids are obviously not my kids. Thus, the'll notice that all other chitlins have nicknames as well...except now that one nickname i used for my cousin's kid is actually the name of one of Miss Sarah's kids, albeit spelled differently...