Saturday, March 20, 2010


For about 2 weeks now I've had this aching feeling in my jaw/ear area on the right side of my head. It started out as a jaw thing (hurt to open), and then after the dentist appointment, it felt like a tooth thing (damn dentist). But now it is firmly an ear thing (feels like there's pressure building up in my ear...and it still hurts to open my mouth...and it really hurts if I try to jut out my jaw---like that one character in Family Guy). Basically I think I have an ear infection (other than pain I haven't had any of the symptoms that indicate the need to go to the doctor, though I may have to just because it's annoying). Anyhow, just to make sure that it is indeed an ear infection, I used the WEBMD symptom checker.

When I enter the problems associated with my jaw possible options that come back are TMJ, Tetanus and Cocaine Addiction. That's right. COCAINE ADDICTION. Another symptom of a cocaine addiction includes a craving for alcohol. You heard me.

So, I'm now working on the theory that if, by the next time we have a happy hour, I still have a achy ear/jaw then it must be my cocaine addiction that's causing it and therefore no need to be alarmed.


Jon said...

Cocaine? That's where I draw the line!

Tee hee

Jon said...
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