Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's a good thing I'm not the depressed type by nature.  If I were, I'd weigh a lot more...Yep, I'm totally a depressed stress eater. 

The reason for my depression:  medical bills.  It's a combination of the amount  and the fact that I have to talk to people.  On the phone.  If the amount was just half of what it is, I would have gladly paid it without complaint, but no.  Now I have to wade through the medical system and barter (which I hate doing), in order to pay something that my insurance should rightfully be paying since it's not like I WANTED to have surgery.  Quite the opposite.  But what is one to do when the doctor says "the tumor has doubled in size in 6 months; it needs to come out even though it is benign."?

Boo.  Hate.  Now, where's my Pillsbury crescent rolls?

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Bond said...

That stinks. I'm sorry.

I agree with the talking to people on the phone bit. Especially for this type of thing because you never just get the right person on the first try so you end up having to talk to a whole bunch of strangers who would really rather not talk to you in the first place.