Friday, June 01, 2012


Quazi has a new talent.  He can shut himself in the cupboards.  He goes about this by pulling open one of the cabinets by the floor just enough to get his head in, then the rest of the body follows.  Inevitably, he gets stuck.  He's not really stuck, all he needs to do is push the cabinet door.  But he thinks he's stuck and so he'll sit in there meowing away until Shawn or I go into the kitchen and talk him out of the cupboard (we refuse to open the door for him because then he really does end up being stuck - stuck by his own stupidity, but stuck, nonetheless.  Now then, to get him on camera...


Dani said...

hahaha. Silly kitty

Dani said...

captain cupboards trapped in cupboards.
can he get out?
will he get out?
captain cupboards trapped in cupboards