Friday, July 06, 2012

Are Teests

Some of the art that impressed me while in Santa Fe:
"Meet and Greet" by Barbara Meikle ($3,800).  Barbara was very outgoing and loves talking about her art.  You can find her artwork at the Pippin Meikle Gallery.

A giant ball made out of chain link fence - I think it looks like a lantern.  I don't remember who was the originator of this piece, but it is located at InArt

"Autumn in Taos" by Pamela Dewitt ($1,200).  This picture does NOT do this piece justice.  It is a reverse painted piece on shattered glass.  The effect is awesome.  We were told that this artist is relatively new so her pieces are currently very reasonably priced.  Her artwork is currently at InArt.

"Canon del Agua" by David Perez Escudero ($18,500).  First, this painting is huge.  I was standing at the door to the gallery and this is all I got of the painting (it's 5' x 5.5').  Second, this is pointilism and this guy sure does take it to a whole different level.  He was a programmer for Los Alamos before retiring.  He now paints full time.  His artwork can be found at InArt.

"Wyoming Sunrise" by Carol Shinn ($3,9,50).  This is freestyle sewing.  SEWING.  It's insane!  Her artwork can currently be seen at the Jane Sauer Gallery.

"Poppies Whirl" by Gregory Smith ($1,250).  Just cuz I like me some botanical artwork.  Gregory's artwork can be found at the Ventana Fine Art Gallery.


Bond said...

I like the donkeys! Yet another thing I have learned from my first home ownership experience; I will never buy prints from the store again. They just aren't the same as real works of art. So far my only orginals are a painting my dad did and a piece I bought in Ecuador, but I plan to ditch the prints when we move and slowly decorate with the real deal.

Ross said...

I like those landscapes, very cool.

Dani said...

I think I deleted all the Santa Fe pictures last weekend by mistake :( have to spend sometime this weekend to make sure I did or didn't. *oi*