Thursday, July 19, 2012


Miscellaneous thoughts I've had this week:
-Breast feeding, and therefore by association, pumping, are rights. One cannot be angry about an employee taking a break every 3-4 hours to pump.
-what is the issue with the requirement to have health insurance?  How is this any different than having car insurance, homeowner's insurance, or flood insurance?  Would people be less angry if it were law, and if you went to the hospital/doctor without health insurance then they could ticket you?
-Google should have some major lessons learned from the launch of the Nexus 7; namely, it is bad form for the people who preordered the device through the parent company to receive said device later than those who ordered it through a third party vendor.
-Smart development in dumb places is non-sustainable.
-Bad news travels faster than good news.
-Man, my homemade blackberry infused vodka is some pretty nasty shit.  The raspberry, however, is wonderful.
-Mama (the feral cat I've been feeding in hopes of catching her to get hr spayed) is either super sneaky or I've been feeding two different cats.
-I remember lat year when we didn't have mosquitoes, it was divine.
-Not so devine: the drought we were in in order to accomplish the no mosquitoes.
-I won a pair of sweatpants through a give away on Kristie's blog (the spiteful chef). She is awesome, go read it.
-yep, I think I'm done for now...

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