Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thank God I've got a mind like a steel trap

So, Laurie told me a while ago that I have a mind like a steel trap--this is because I took her dogs out for about a week and they were trying to housebreak the younger one. Then, about a month later she asked me to do it for one day while they were going out of town, and said she was going to write down all the directions again. I told her not to, and practically repeated the original directions word for word, thus the comment.

Anyhow, yesterday Daniella calls me and says that she's on her way to one of her "Baby Classes" aka Lamaze and other such necessities for having a baby, and she can't pick up her prescription at Sam's Club and she's out of the pills, which she needs to control the gestational diabetes. Ultimately, she asks if I could go pick up her prescription. I say "sure, why not?" and then proceed to leave work, drive to Sam's Club and go to the pharmacy. I wait patiently in line, get to the counter and give Daniella's name. The pharmacist looks it up in the system, and says, "I need you to confirm your month and day of your birth." ....Shit. When is her's in November...around Thanksgiving...."oh, uh, November 25..." and as I'm trying desperately to figure out the year, the pharmacist says "Thank you!" and turns to go get the pills. phew. Then I had to forge some signature on the little pad thingy--mostly it's just so the insurance people know when the prescription was picked up, paid for it and left.

So yes, be glad I have a mind like a steel trap...could you imagine me trying to explain why I didn't know my 'own' birthday. But, it's a good thing that Daniella had me go pick them up...otherwise she was going to have DJ do it...and I'm positive that he doesn't even know which month is Daniella's birthday.


Ross said...

You truly are the Queen of Input!

Dani said...

lol we are all so lucky to have the a steel trapped mind around like you ;)